Contribution of Act for freedom now! Which was read out at the event at anarchist steki Nadir, on July 3rd 2013 in Thessaloniki


First of all we would like to thank the brothers and sisters of steki Nadir for organizing and inviting us to this timely and important event.  The dynamic developed with their solidarity actions, and not only, in recent years in Salonika, despite the harsh oppressive attacks they have received from the barbaric Greek State, whether that is preventive arrests and temporary remands or imprisonments, or raids of the State dogs inside the self-organized steki Nadir as well as other occupied spaces, give us the tenacity and will to continue and with more rage. Unfortunately, it was too hard for us to be present today… but there will be strength always and we will meet again!
 Who we are, what we want and what we promote as individuals of actforfreedomnow!
In the chaos of our existence, we are a part of the imponderable factor that organizes subversions and plans mutinies, which leave even us dazed.
The translation of texts, letters, communiques etc in order for comrades around the world to read about the desires, preoccupations, ideas and propositions of the comrades in Greece, is another weapon at our disposal.
What began as a simple desire and challenge brought us into a new field of experience and responsibility.
 Now we are here, they will not get rid of us easily.
 We want to create an international network of translators in order to continue the spreading of ideas and news. There’s loads of work, all we need is the will. We have the ability to spread the words of imprisoned and not comrades and fighters and break the isolation imposed by each State.
 No comrade is alone and this they know.
 The spreading of the insurrectionalist attack and factual international solidarity of FAI/IRF continues in the heart and mind of the rebels around the world. Oppression will lead to nothing more than escalation. The attack of the State will only fuel the insurrection.
 Chaos is inevitable!  and anarchy is attainable!
 This is why, with our actions and solidarity, we will continue with all means at our disposal to express the thoughts and desires of comrades, through letters-texts of comrades hostage in the hellholes of the Greek and global prisons, or through the spreading of actions of comrades out in the streets day and night fighting with whatever they’ve got for an anarchist insurrectionalist revolution.
 We are another aspect of the asymmetric threat.
 The war to the end has begun and the only development we could hope for is the clash, till the abolishment of laws, the destruction of authoritarian society and its relations, till the liberation of human and nature from the bonds of State and capitalism.
 Clashes in the streets, clashes on the prison rooftops, clashes inside and outside the court room, clashes with our own assemblies, at an individual and collective level, with words and action.
 The multiform actions of the CCF as well as many other groups and comrades from Greece and around the world have always raised our spirits and strengthened us.
 Every translated word, paragraph and page expresses the rage and desire to give a flaming hug to the imprisoned comrades, hostage in the prison dungeons.
 We do not forget the comrades in Italy who were persecuted with fabricated indictments because they participated in translating initiatives and not only.
 Their attitude and dignity shows the way.
 We greet the members of the C.C.F and the R.S. as well as all anarchist hostages of war.
 We send our solidarity and respect to all those around the world who fight in any way, inside and out of the walls, against this rotten system.
 Finally, we greet all comrades participating in the event and hope that soon we will be able to leave our computers and together with comrades old and new we will tear down the prison walls and walk, with our liberated comrades, on the path of Anarchy.

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