Text concerning the murder of Marian Kola and the state and media propaganda at the expense of those who escaped from Trikala prisons.- Greece


Translated by Actforfreedomnow!boubourAs
Katerina Gogou
With a continuous and extensive journalist coverage, the hunt for those who escaped from Trikala prisons continues for the last four months, keeping the audience in suspense, since it has all the elements of a blockbuster: movie style escape, ruthless and bloodthirsty murderers, tough and decisive cops, shoot-outs, casualties and a man-hunt covering a large part of greek territory.
 The fourth authority is more crucial for the functioning of democracy, since it mediates between the other authorities and subjects and reminds us once more the rules of the game: the democratic regime does not spare time, labour and resources, when the security dogma must be embedded.
All this time stressed out journalists reporting from the areas of operation, the news reports with daunting music, emotionally charged name-calling of the escapees, images of heavily-armed cops aim at one thing: the creation of a overturning in the collective sub-conscience about the hunted escapees and the acceptance of state omnipotence. The media coverage of the incidents is as useful to the state for the successful outcome of the operation, as the cops guns.
 Even if some those who escaped still experience moments of freedom, manage to get way one way or another, the impression should remain that this is not due to the weakness of the state, but the invisible network of support they have, the help from UCK or even their metaphysical abilities. THE MIND IS ALWAYS THE TARGET.
 As much is it might seem foreign to the sensitive humanistic eyes of those who turn a blind eye, the death penalty in democracy is something completely acceptable, with a basic difference. Its decided, ordered and stamped, not in a court room but through the news reports, awaiting only the time and place its execution will become possible.

The smile accompanied by the triumphant statements of Dendias (minister of public order) about bring the escapees to justice “if this is possible” shows in crudest way, the logic and ethics of authority. A petty authority which thinks a great victory and ultimate accomplishment, that hundreds -maybe thousands- of cops together with special forces of the military and navy, with thousands of guns and technical means at their disposal (helicopters, dogs, thermal cameras) and in shifts (therefore rested) succeeded -up to the moment this letter is written- to corner four people.
 The unlimited thirst to gain freedom and the decisiveness for its maintaining, is the only motive that can make a person not surrender, having against him such a combination of forces.
The show however does not end with the execution of the fugitives. The state must avenge the humiliation it suffered. They must also humiliate the disobedient and make an example of those who do not recognize state omnipotence.
 From Homeric times and the despoilment of Hectors body by Achilles up to todays internet times, the humiliation of the dead opponent is characteristic of the arrogance of authority.
The photos of dead Kola prove how pure were the times when thieves chopped heads would hang as an example in the village square. In the digital age the message is transferred in real time to any place around the world through screens and -most importantly- relieved of the blood and smell accompanied with direct contact with a dead body. The arena is now digital and the thumbs down gesture is replaced by the equivalent icons in the public comments. Clean work!
 After Marian Kolas death, the juridical-police-correctional system felt that it restores its lost honour. He was targeted from the start as the “brains”, the “leader”, the most “ruthless”, and “bloodthirsty”.
We never met Kola personally, and none of the other escapees. Our aim is not to create saints or make some look like heroes. Of course, not to write obituaries, but because of these incidents we want to share some thoughts concerning the management of the situation under the regime, so much at a communications level as well as police-military. Besides, the info we got is from the state media as well, the interpretation of the incidents however are different.
 Greek police have got open business with Kola since he escaped from Thebes police station and more since the operation in Vironas in 2010, where Kola and Bema were arrested. Back then, from the multiple police gun shots, was killed Nikola Tonti, without of course the cop who killed him being persecuted, Kola even gained the term “ruthless”. The day before that, in Marousi, Kola and a comrade of his, disarmed the crew of a cop car and got away.
They attempted to do the same in Distomo and as it seems, it would have been a bloodless incident, if the second cop car hadn’t showed up. What happened in Marousi and in Distomo, show if anything, calm people and far from bloodthirsty. Everyone understands that it is more dangerous to disarm an armed person than to to kill him.
 Therefore, common sense leads us to the conclusion that the names given by the journalists are only for the impression game and not reality.
 Of course the escapees are armed and of course they will use their weapons to get away if they are stuck, just as they did so many times at roadblocks and chases. Its one thing however, to shoot armed people in order to gain your freedom and another to execute “ruthless” people in general and indiscriminately. Something else that militates the above is that the escapees did not shoot a citizen despite meeting up with one many times.
The current ethics demand subjugation to the orders of the police. Insurgent ethics proposes freedom, ironically laughing at police orders.
 Bearing in mind that the cops, do not hesitate to operate in big residential areas (Vironas) or on a highway (Isthmia), accepting the possibility of injuries or deaths of random passer-bys such as N.Konti and K.Zogali.
As anarchists we do not accept the terms of offsetting victims or collateral damage, these are characteristics of the authoritative logic of contempt for life. After the arrests in Vironas the then minister of public order Chrisohoidis had stated it so raw, confirming to us that: “maybe a citizen was killed, but two dangerous criminals were arrested”.
 The media and a large part of the public opinion attribute the deaths of two people in Vironas and Isthmia to the escapees, thinking that they reacted when told by the cops to surrender. This perception ignores the defence of freedom for some people is non-negotiable. Despite all this, we could not but stress that unmistakable difference in the two incidents, is that Tonti was executed since the cops confused him with whoever they were trying to arrest, while Zogalis death was an accident.
Finally we will agree with the media opinion: the escapees are -or were- ruthless. They had no hesitation to defend their such difficultly gained freedom. As Marousko, Kolas cell-mate who knew him personally, wrote: “Mario Kola was one of the prisoners -or hostages- of the state you thought was in for having no licence, calm and polite, his behaviour towards his fellow prisoners was full of respect, but he had a ‘weakness’, as everyone who has found themselves in the cement teeth of the state, he wanted his freedom no matter what. He would risk his life later, but not the life of the others.
The militarization of the regime invades in fast pace. All more often are military style solutions are chosen for various matters which disrupt or might disrupt the fragile social balance.
 The last 6 months EKAM (greek special forces) has taken on the breaking of metro employee strikes, the raiding of occupied anarchist spaces, the arrest of people in Skouries, the search and beatings of prisoners.
The same heavily armed and specially trained unit was used for such dissimilar missions where in most there was not even one possibility if armed clash. The only reason of its use, was the internalization of fear and state oppressive force.
 The operations against the escapees were a very good reason to apply in practise the dogma of interdisciplinarity of special operations. For the first time in the greel land, there is a coordination and action of special forces from various bodies in a wide time and geographical area. Police, army, coast guard, are guided by common headquarters and operate together.
This does not mean that the police are not adequate for these operations. It would be a joke to consider such a thing, since the groups of the forces are especially small-numbered and the two ambushes so far were carried out by police groups. The incident is simply is the reason to develop the modern dogma of strength of democracy. That basic meanings of bourgeois democracy are readjusted with the look set on future social clashes.
 Enemy forces therefore, get together, strengthen, evolve and attempt to impose even harsher conditions. Against this reality, we are called to collectivize our resistances, equip ourselves in all fields -organizational, consciousness, logistical- to evolve and flourish the ways and forms of struggle. Break the artificial separations produced by the world of authority seeking the points that could connect us with the people who each one for their own reasons factually revolts/disputes law and order.
Either individually, or collectively, whether they throw rocks in demos, or turn their kalashnikov against those who impose generalized non-freedom. And starting from common experiences, to built the conscious background for realtions of solidarity.
 Solidarity to the outcasts of society-prison is not expressed only when there is no cost, as support to the prisoners as long as they remain inactive, but also when some are active, escape, demand, and armed defend their freedom.
Especially in the last case, where people are literally in the firing line and the fourth authority slanders them day and night preparing their execution, complicity to state murders is not only the bloodthirsty cries of the network crowd but also comfortable silences.


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