Bologna, Italy – Update on the ‘Operation Outlaw’ trial [against the comrades of Fuoriluogo]


Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd
 We receive and transmit:
 ‘Operation Outlaw’
 The trial against 21 comrades from Bologna accused of organized crime with purposes of subversion will start in October, although the comrades are not accused of any specific crimes.
 Seven hearings have been set, all of them taking place on Fridays: October 11 and 18, November 15, December 13, January 10 and 17, February 7. Some of the hearings will last a whole day starting from 9:30am; others will start in the afternoon, but for all of them an extraordinary request for the court to stay open until 7pm has been made. We believe they want to hasten the conclusion of the trial so as to get a sentence after seven hearings.

 On October 11 Digos executive Motta, who coordinated the entire investigation, will give evidence, followed by the prosecution witnesses, the defendants (if they want to give evidence) and finally the defence witnesses, supposedly not before the hearings in January.
 As for the first two dates we will organize only local initiatives because on those days solidarity events for the people arrested on October 15 will take place in Rome. As for the other hearings we will inform about the initiatives we are planning after the end of the summer.
 Considering that the prosecution is based almost exclusively on the struggle against the CIE [migrants detention centres], we would like to remind you that the CIE of Bologna closed down in March, whereas the CIE of Modena will close down on August 11. In both cases the institutions have put forward the reasons of restructuring for the damages caused by internal revolts. The imprisoned migrants have never surrendered and their determination also contributed to these results.
 Sometimes the struggle pays back, and so does solidarity.
Anarchists from Bologna    

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