Italy – Updates on letters censorship from the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara.


Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd
 We receive and transmit:
 In the proceedings based on article 280 against Nicola and Alfredo following Adinolfi’s wounding, the court of Genoa (in the person of judge Baldini taking over judge Giacalone over the summer) has ordered letters censorship over a period of six months towards Sergio and Stefano, locked up in Ferrara following operation Ardire.

 Reading the decree of the judge, it seems that the pretext for this measure is due to the risk that Sergio and Stefano’s letters could compromise the censorship already imposed on Nicola and Alfredo in the last months, ‘as the same correspondence could contain references to imminent criminal actions’. In support of this statement mention is made of the internet circulation of texts in memory of Mauricio Morales written by Sergio, Nicola and Alfredo, by which ‘they have renewed their adhesion to the subversive purposes of the anarchist fringes.’
Beyond these nineteenth century terminology, the real reasons are exemplary of the tricks that the judiciary and the prison administration are adopting today against those who have decided not to lower their heads.
 To write to the comrades:  
 Sergio Maria Stefani
Stefano Fosco
Nicola Gai
Alfredo Cospito

Casa Circondariale Ferrara
Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara



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