With rage and solidarity to Elisa Di Bernardo of Culmine blog in Rebibbia prison in Italy


 We regret having to rectify a serious mistake we made when posting up our translation of the interview of imprisoned Culmine blog by anarchist publication Aversión. 

Elisa Di Bernardo, one of the two comrades interviewed, has NOT been released from Rebibbia prison as we had believed. In fact Elisa is the only female comrade arrested following ‘Operation Ardire’ who is still in pre-trial detention since June 2012.

We send our apologies, greetings, rage, solidarity and respect to Elisa

Elisa Di Bernardo

Rebibbia Prison

Via Bartolo Longo 92

00156 Rome


 Fire to the prisons!

The comrades of actforfreedomnow!



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