Italy – HERE AND NOW: poster in solidarity with anarchist comrades Nicola and Alfredo


From RadioAzione

Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

 Poster reads:


‘It is true that men are nothing but the products of institutions; but these institutions are abstract things that only exist as long as there are men of flesh and bones who represent them. Therefore there is just one way to strike the institutions, i.e. to strike men; and we welcome with joy all brave actions of revolt against bourgeois society, as we bear in mind that revolution cannot be but the result of these particular revolts.’

Emile Henry, 1892

On May 7 2012 Ansaldo Nucleare manager Roberto Adinolfi gets wounded outside his house. Like all other attacks on dominion this one is a spark that ignites the hearts of those who long for the destruction of authority.

Direct action becomes a necessary practice to be claimed and reproduced by those who believe in attack as the only road worth taking. Let different modes of conflict multiply until they explode in the hands of those who want us to be enclosed within the fences of democratic indignation.

 To the violence of dominion we oppose the blossoming of revolutionary violence and solidarity, of subversion and widespread conflict, here and now, without hesitations, without being stopped by the reprisals of the enemy.

On October 30 the trial against anarchists Nicola and Alfredo and revolutionary violence will begin in Genoa.

 We are not and never will we be prepared to abandon anyone who is sailing the seas of revolt. We are not and never will we be prepared to surrender in the face of repression.

Therefore we will continue to defend our imprisoned comrades and re-launch the practices of social conflict to the bitter end, as we are aware of the necessity and joy to subvert this society with its men and structures.

 Always on the side of the comrades who hurl themselves at the breakers of resignation with the impetus of the storm.


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