Italy – NO TAV: ‘A beautiful silence was never written’* (On the arson of the machinery of Geomont [Susa Valley, August 30 2013]


*A saying meaning: when you don’t have anything intelligent to say you’re better keeping silent (TN).
Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd
We receive and transmit:
 And what if someone had decided to attack Geomont for its role in the devastation of the Susa Valley?
 That person would be no doubt be stunned and nauseated by the communiqué ‘received and published’ by the site in the aftermath of the arson of the shed of the Bussoleno company. Especially as among the suggestive assumptions such as deliberate damage by the company owner or mafia retaliation listed as possible explanations of that event, what is missing is exactly the hypothesis that someone might have decided to attack one of the many participants in the ruin of the Valley in full awareness and of their own will.

 Unfortunately. over the years it has often happened that individual actions or actions carried out by small groups in support of the struggle against the TAV have also been stigmatized by as provocations or worse, gestures of people who are ‘not from the Valley or in the NO TAV movement’.
 It is strange that we still have to bring up these issues after so many years’ struggle. The NO TAV movement is huge and complex. It is the people of the Susa Valley. It is all the thousands of people who for years have been passing through the area for shorter or longer periods, giving their energy, time and often their freedom. It is the people who all over Italy and the world support and give strength to the struggle with acts of solidarity and complicity.
 So within such a diversified reality who is going to decide who has or hasn’t the right to lay their brick for the construction of the road to the liberation of the Valley?
But aren’t we dealing with a discourse that has been already dealt with. Isn’t it true that for a long time now sabotage, a practice always adopted in popular struggles, has been welcomed and taken up in the Susa Valley, and that by now no one dares to censor or condemn actions that strike the material responsible for the construction of the infamous tunnel? Perhaps this is not an easy passage to make, and one that many of those who are living this struggle are still coming to terms with. But if we forget this historical passage and allow steps backward in the collective growth of the NO TAV movement, we give space to repression and fear. Sabotage as an instrument of struggle, the distance between what is right and what is legal, the necessity of defence and attack, the difference between life devoured and passive survival. All things that many of us have learned by struggling. And these things must be defended just as much as the mountains.
 How can one of the most visited sites of the NO TAV voice host a communiqué saying ‘we know that the NO TAV movement didn’t start the fire’? Perhaps the person who wrote it knows all the NO TAV people in the world, their drive and their actions, their priorities and goals? And even if one feels some inescapable and epic democratic tension (like: I don’t agree with what you say but I’d die to let you say it), how can one allow words such as these to fall on indifference and a deafening silence?
 The hypothesises put forward by the communiqué could be made following any incendiary attack. Even if the company is not bankrupt it might want to renew the machinery and things like that. Mafia retaliation is also just around the corner, especially in such contexts. Besides having a healthy contempt for conspiracy theories and keeping them out of our mouths and hearts, wouldn’t it be more natural for us to place this episode among all the others that have been lighting up the nights in the Susa Valley for some months now?
 Instead of diminishing the action of some brave NO TAV person, let’s publicly defend our comrades in the struggle from repression in the only dignified way possible: by claiming any action carried out against the advancement of the TAV monster as a heritage that belongs to us all.


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