Italy – We prefer you angry [on the NO TAV movement]


Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd
The illustrious NO TAV Movement is on the verge of a nervous breakdown at the moment. Of course we are not talking about all those who are fighting against the High Speed Railway in the Susa Valley, but about the few, very few of them who claim they can decide the course of action of this struggle.
The illustrious NO TAV Movement got annoyed by the criticism made of it concerning its recent recruitment of a neuroparliamentarian who distinguished himself at the time of Baleno and Sole’s deaths for maligning the comrades. In order to dispel any misunderstanding, they passed around any line of reasoning that came to mind as it dragged itself along. The most important one being that its NO TAV struggle must be defended not criticized. Perfection doesn’t exist, it can be beautiful or ugly but it must be loved anyway because that’s life and then, let’s say it, everything else is boring. Come on comrades, if the illustrious NO TAV Movement welcomes informers, just love it and defend it. If it invites judges, love it and defend it. If it chases after politicians, love it and defend it. Perfection doesn’t exist, there is the beautiful and the ugly, that’s life and it is all right so long as there isn’t the boredom of critique and autonomous action.

 The arguments of the illustrious NO TAV Movement’s summer considerations later focus on a sentence it attributes to Giacu, the mythical inhabitant of the woods of the Susa valley: we happy when you angry. Unfortunately our memory, unlike that of many others, doesn’t fade away in order to establish and consolidate profitable relationships. Just as it remembers informers, judges and politicians so it remembers that ‘we happy when you angry’ is the rehashing of a sentence drawn from a stunning claim of the French group Os Cangaceiros, which attacked some companies involved in the construction of new prisons between 1989 and 1990:
 ‘You nice concrete mixing plant – You happy.
You building Laon prison – We angry.
We destroy computerized control panel – You angry.
We prefer you angry – We happy.’
Giacu is a very popular figure in the Susa Valley, Os Cangaceiros are definitely not. They were a clandestine group that didn’t wait to hear the marching of the masses behind them before going into action.
 The illustrious NO TAV Movement has the bad habit of transforming outlaw expressions into political slogans, of reducing the sulphur remaining in the bag of memories of some of its prodigal anarchist buddies, into holy water. Already they messed around with the ‘we go together and come back together’ slogan, which from proud blood pact between robbers has become an oppressive collectivist obligation.
Now they are trying it again with the reshuffled words of the old French saboteurs, unlikely precursors of Val Susan citizenism. In their opinion we happy when you angry means that the NO TAV struggle must welcome members of parliament and vote for local officials who are sympathizers. As if to say that in order to make power angry it is necessary – if not to seize it – at least influence it through the dialectic between conflict and consensus. Ah, desire father of thought…
The illustrious NO TAV Movement had no sooner finished clarifying this astute strategy than the bad and ugly judiciary in the service of the bad ugly State flipped again. First it ordered some raids in the Valley and in Liguria. Then it also got upset with Vattimix – known as Gianni by his new comrades in struggle [Gianni Vattimo is an Italian philosopher and MEP who was recently welcomed by a part of the NO TAV Movement under the name of Vattimix. It must be said that the philosopher was one of those commentators who had derogatory words for the Turin squatters at the time of Sole’s and Baleno’s death, TN] – who was summoned to the district court along with the two activists who accompanied him during his visit to the prison of Turin. The neuroparliamentarian might be charged with fraudulent misrepresentation (and the two activists with abuse of the mentally deficient?)
Only a few hours had passed when the illustrious NO TAV Movement resumed its good habits – making comrades’ photographs public, showing off evidence of innocence (thus passing over the dead bodies of those who didn’t want to or couldn’t do the same) and so on miserably – and here come the police to stop a car with two activists on board: firecrackers, pincers, nails, gas masks pop out of the trunk.
Nothing strange, but it is sufficient to unleash the media frenzy that starts talking about an arsenal on the way to some hit squad, of dozens of hooded activists left without means… The illustrious NO TAV Movement explains, specifies, justifies and defends but then, my god, disaster! Someone does what Os Cangaceiros did, i.e. attacks one of the companies that work in the construction yards. During the night between Friday and Saturday some machinery of the Geomont company in Bussoleno was set on fire. 
And here the illustrious NO TAV Movement teeters, sways and, in order not to fall down, clings with all its might to one of the most repugnant accusations that can be made. Through an indirect suspicion that it receives and publishes, it attributes the wonderful arson against the Geomont to the racket of the insurance companies (let’s leave the secret services out of it for another time, it’s better not to take advantage of them too often). Poor thing, what a state it is in. It yells, rants, stamps its feet. It should calm down, after all it knows that in a struggle there is the beautiful and the ugly, perfection doesn’t exist, everything is to be loved and defended, that’s life. otherwise we end up in the boredom of politics…
 The illustrious NO TAV Movement should stop slandering direct action once and for all, in the Valley and elsewhere. Especially as in the Valley and elsewhere, even the children know who really set the Geomont on fire.
 You nice construction company – You happy
You build TAV – We angry
Giacu sets fire to your machinery – You angry
We prefer you angry – We happy.

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