Lazio, Italy – Two arrests and several raids


Translation by act for freedom now/B.pd
 19th September 2013 – From the press reports of the ROS (Dirty Operations Department) published in the media of the regime, we learn that Adriano and Gianluca, two comrades from Albano Laziale and Frascati respectively, were arrested this morning during a repressive operation against anarchists active in the Castelli Romani area.
 The direct actions they are accused of would relate to 13 attacks in total, against banks, Enel, Eni and the Albano Laziale landfill, plus other acts of sabotage in solidarity with prisoners and against companies responsible for eco devastation and animal exploitation. The actions were claimed by different names such as ‘Animal Liberation Front’, ‘Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front’, ‘Direct Action in Defence of the Earth’, or were claimed by a simple encircled A.
While waiting for further information and communiqués we express our solidarity to the two comrades and to those who had a rude awakening.


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