Athens – Communiqué of the comrades arrested following the clashes in response to the murder of Pavlos Fyssas



Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd


We receive and transmit the [Italian] translation of the communiqué written by comrades arrested following the clashes of September 18 in Athens after the fascist murder of Pavlos Fyssas.
 On Wednesday September 18 we were arrested during a demo in Keratsini, following the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, who had been assassinated by some fascists on the previous night. As the MAT   intervened, there were many arrests.
 Today we are being held at the G.A.D.A. and have been charged with false accusations for ‘facts’ that never happened. Many of us were seriously injured during the arrest.
 We were there and we would be there again if we could go back in time. For someone was killed for his political activity. We were there against fascism and murderous attacks, no matter if the latter are perpetrated by fascists or by the State and repression.
 We deny all charges.
 To those who accuse us: you won’t be able to use the theory of the ‘extremists on both side’ against us. This is the theory of a state that maintain ‘equity’ in the face of fascists and antifascists in order to consolidate the hypocritical image of its smooth running, while it vilifies those who are on our side.
 Some might think they can use the usual tale of the people arrested and wounded to create panic among us. We know very well that this trick is meant to be a stabbing in our backs.
 We are stronger here as we know each other.
 We thank all those who showed solidarity with us and all the comrades everywhere. We are close to Pavlos’ family and friends.
Prisoners of the ‘security department of the state’ (sixth floor, G.A.D.A.)    

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