Trento, Italy – Forza Nuova out from the piazzas


Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd
 We receive and transmit the report of an event occurred on 21st September in Trento against fascist organization Forza Nuova.
 On Saturday 22nd September a dozen antifascists challenged a gathering of Forza Nuova defended by the forces of order. The four fascists were targeted with eggs and rotten vegetables after we managed to get hold of one of the poles of their gazebo, which was later destroyed.
 As we were unable to put our hands on the four fascists, slogans were chanted and speeches made. Once again Forza Nuova was ‘welcomed’ in Trento, and after the murder of comrade Pavlos Fyssas in Greece this is the least we could do.
 Fascists will never be able to set foot in Trento.
 Antifascists of Trento and Rovereto
Here follows the text of the leaflet distributed during the day:
On Tuesday 17th September a group of fascists of Golden Dawn stabbed an antifascist comrade, Pavlos Fyssas, to death in Athens.
 Here in Trento the fascists of Forza Nuova (the Italian ‘referent’ of Golden Dawn) try to come back to the piazza, this time to make a petition in anticipation of the next elections, after the ridiculous march they attempted to hold in May to celebrate the foundation of their first nucleus in the Trento region. Not only, they also promised the opening of premises in Rovereto.

Last May antifascists blocked the neo-nazi march in their meeting point and forced the sixty fascists (almost all of them coming from other towns) to go back to the train station, as always escorted by the police. At the beginning of September a stall of Forza Nuova was targeted with a fierce eggs throwing.
 In times of crisis not only do the fascists serve to divide the exploited and to foment the war among the poor to the advantage of the peace of the rich, but they also take on their historical role of armed gangs at the service of the State and the bosses. We see this in Greece, where Golden Dawn regularly collaborate with the police in the raids against immigrants, the assaults (some fatal) on the comrades, the repression of strikes and demonstrations. We see this in France, where last June a group of fascists murdered a young comrade, Clement Meric.
For Pavlos, for Clement, for Dax, for all the victims of fascist and State violence, the least we can do is to get the fascists out of the piazzas, to kick them out of our cities.


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