Italy – Repression October 15: a letter from Francesco, under house arrest following the facts of October 15 2011, Rome.


Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd
Hi everybody. I’m Franceso and I’ve been detained under house arrest for 9 months following the events occurred in Rome on October 15 2011.
 In the long days I spent in the house I thought about repression a lot, and I came to further understand how solidarity is important and how little it takes to realize it.
Just a few lines dotted on a piece of paper by a friend or a stranger, and a greeting from the outside courtyard fill the heart and give strength to go ahead and resist.
 For this reason I want to thank all those who have been close to me. I really don’t know how I could have managed without them.

Following that day in Rome a great number of sentences were pronounced and in September the trial will start again based on a third line of investigation: we are 17 charged with devastation and plunder, resistance and, for some, attempted murder.
 Relying on sentences ranging from 8 to 15 years of imprisonment, the state intends to make us proper scarecrows, examples of what happens to those who dare raise their heads and rebel against this rotten and disgusting system.
The same thing is happening in the Susa Valley with raids, expulsion orders and arrests against the more present and active valley inhabitants and comrades. And these repressive operations are meant to weaken the strength of a popular movement that has been there for more than twenty years.
 Well, I don’t want to be a scarecrow to anybody, quite the opposite… as I’m convinced that the best defence is attack and that one must meet repression head-on, the best reaction is to continue to struggle with more determination and anger after any arrest. One has to think of prisoners as comrades to be freed and not as examples of what can happen if one struggles… To be aware of the risks means to accept them, perhaps with apprehension, but not to be scared by them!
I live my current situation of imprisonment as a phase, a time when I can become stronger inside, stronger against the system I oppose trying to fight as best as I can. Certainly it is not remorse or regret that animates me; on the contrary it is anger and the determination to continue to struggle.
 A special thought to my friend and comrade Albe, who is also under house arrest for opposing the devastation, looting and militarization of the Susa Valley. I hope we’ll meet soon in town alleys and on mountain paths!!
All my solidarity is with prisoners in houses, prisons, migrants’ detention centres, prisoners in struggle and those who continue to rebel in the streets, valleys and cities…
 There’s no best form of solidarity than direct action
October 15 every day!


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