Italy – USB bomb to the daily La Stampa



Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

From the national press we learn that a parcel containing explosive material was delivered to the editing office of La Stampa. The parcel was addressed to one of the journalists who write on the NO TAV. The man had already been threatened on a number of times.
 The trigger of the explosive device was placed in a USB key. If it had been plugged it would have exploded. The ‘bomb’ was made of 120 grams of powder compressed in a hard disk and linked to a chip. According to experts it could have exploded. A message in the envelope, written on a computer and printed on an A4 piece of paper, said that the hard risk had some videos concerning NO TAV protest camping in Venaus and Chiomonte, Susa Valley.
As the envelope made the paper lads and the journalist himself suspicious police was called. The forensic squad analyzed its contents and established it was a bomb ready to explode in 5 seconds after being plugged in a computer. According to the forensic experts the powder was a mix of different explosive materials.
 A similar rudimental device had been sent to La Stampa on April 9. On that occasion it had not exploded owing to a malfunction of the trigger.

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