Bologna, Italy – Friday October 11: Fuoriluogo on trial!


By the comrades on trial and others in solidarity

 Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

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 On Friday October 11 2013 the first hearing of the trial for ‘Operation Outlaw’ will be held at the court of Bologna. 21 comrades are on trial charged of forming a ‘criminal organization aiming at the subversion of the democratic order’. During the hearing of October 11 the Digos chief Marotta, the actual leader of the investigation, will give evidence.
 It is an investigation carried out by the power of attorney of Bologna ‘against the anarcho-insurrectionalist threat’, an investigation which had led to arrests, expulsion orders and the closure of the anarchist place Fuoriluogo in April 2011.
 The operation cost 260 thousand euro (of which 17 thousands were spent to protect the premises of Forza Nuova), kicked off in the aftermath of a series of attacks on multinationals such as ENI and IBM, and was celebrated by the press as a great success achieved by the Digos against anarchist terrorism. To tell the truth, however, the investigation doesn’t mention any of these facts.
 What the prosecutors want actually to state is that the defendants in the trial, being engaged in the struggle (against migrants’ detention centres, prisons, nuclear power, TAV, war and exploitation) are the promoters or the participants in a criminal association. The evidence would be the many police reports against them: for roads blocks, unauthorized demos, resistance, daubing of public spaces, etc (a curriculum vitae that all those who are active in an ‘antagonist movement’ have in common); and some ideas shared by all the defendants (the refusal to consider the institutions as interlocutors, support to direct action, the urgency to concretely oppose fascists, etc).
 If on the one hand this fabrication can seem shaky from a reasonable point of view as it presents countless contradictions (anarchists who would organize themselves in a hierarchical way, premises in the centre of the city open to the public seen as secret hangouts, etc), on the other hand it is clear that it involves strong pressures (from the then minister Maroni to the security chief of ENI, from Cancellieri [current interior minister] to the power of attorney) aimed at keeping the theorem alive against all odds.
 What is at stake is clear: if the prosecutors succeed in affirming their thesis of the criminal association in order to strike anarchist struggles, such thesis will be used against anyone who struggles and decides to organize themselves.
 What is left of the ruling class, protected by the police apparatus, know very well that all they can offer is only a constant deterioration of everyone’s living conditions. Therefore it is not surprising that they are preparing to contain tomorrow’s revolts right now, revolts that could be very close in time.
 Perhaps they have the power to sentence comrades on the basis of nothing but their arguments are poor. Let’s be there in great numbers, let’s see what they have to say. A fuoriluogo [out of place] afternoon in a courtroom.
 In a city where expulsion orders, police stop-and-search, intimidations and charges are constantly used against those who decide to oppose power without mediations, it is necessary to re-launch solidarity.

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