‘Operation Ardire’, Italy – Communiqué of Culmine



From informa-azione.info
Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

We receive and transmit:
Dear comrades,
as many of you already know the anarchist blog Culmine was released from prison on September 7 because the period of pre-trail detention had expired.
However it cannot be said that we were freed because they have inflicted restrictions on us: we can’t travel abroad, are compelled to live in our towns and have to report to the police station twice a day.
In order to justify this ‘freedom subjected to restrictions’ they pointed out that we have never disowned the work undertaken by Culmine and have always maintained the importance of the continuation of anarchist counter-information.
Taking ‘the personalities of the investigated individuals and their criminal activities’ into account they insist in inflicting another form of imprisonment on us simply because they have no other choice: the investigation, in fact, is still ongoing and they still have some work to do with us as we are ‘individuals who can easily gather support’ and who ‘have not renounced their anarchist and subversive purposes’.
 They state that their miserable prison bars are not sufficient to control a ‘crime’ such as that of instigation: they are perfectly right but they can’t accept the fact that actions of total liberation don’t need any instigation!
 We take this occasion to express our solidarity to all those who struggle as antiauthoritarians and to all dignified prisoners who don’t stop resisting and attacking with their heads held high.
 We also thank all the individuals in affinity who have never stopped expressing their solidarity and complicity with us.

 A strong rebel hug!

 Culmine, beginning of October 2013

Stefano Gabriele Fosco

Elisa Di Bernardo

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