Italy – ‘The figures don’t add up?’ Leaflet in solidarity with anarchist comrades Alfredo and Nicola


 From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

 Two years have passed since the latest incident in a nuclear power plant, that of Fukushima: a never established and incalculable number of death, wounded and people contaminated by radioactivity, damages of huge proportions that the Japanese techno-scientific community, government and press awkwardly try to conceal, and last but not least the tragic farce of the Olympic Games in Japan, with which propaganda is glorifying a devastated, deadly and broken territory.
 In Italy, an unknown number of radioactive waste sites oozing death are scattered in the countryside of Saluggia and Trino Vercellese close to the Po basin, the heritage of the last nuclear power plant that operated in the Piedmont region.
 A regular passage of trains loaded with nuclear waste destined to re-processing (i.e. re-use) goes on between North Europe, Italy, the Susa Valley and France.
 An industrial giant, Finmeccanica, specialized in various sectors including nuclear power for civil use (maintenance of existing nuclear plants and construction of new ones), arms production and trade, and control systems (mainly concentrated on the new borders of expansion such as nuclear plants in Romania, arms trafficking with India, etc), also represents a typical example of racket, corruption and exploitation ingrained in all expressions of dominion and the capital.
 A planner of nuclear plants, a champion of a dramatically false and faulty sustainability of the civil use of nuclear power, a manger with Ansaldo Nucleare Gruppo Finmeccanica: Roberto Adinolfi was wounded by a gunshot outside his house on May 7 2012, an action claimed by the Olga nucleus of the Anarchist Informal Federation.
 Two comrades, anarchists Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito will go on trial on October 30 2013 after been charged with attack with purposes of terrorism following Adinolfi’s wounding.
 We greet with joy and anger anyone who opposes the devastations perpetrated by dominion, and with their heads held high they continue to claim the validity and force of real practices of struggle and critique.
 For anarchy.

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