>Update on Alexis murderers trial. 7/4/2010



The main witness,a 17yearold, has not appeared yet to testify against epaminontas korkoneas and vassilis saraliwtis,the cops who murdered Alexis Grigoropoulos in athens in december 2008. because of this, their lawer, the scum alexis kougias demanded fromthe court that he is brought in by force. According to the court,the youth that was holding alexis as he died, is the main witness.The youth was suppose to appear today but dint show.

His lawer said that the youth does not want to appear because he is in constant police surveilance and is still psycologically unfit to testify.He also mention that if the police dont stop following him around he wont come in to testify at all. The judge said that the courts leniency towards the witness,whos testimony is very important to the case, has worn out and asked for his forceful appearance.

  1. The murderers lawer alexis kougias said that the witness is not appearing because hes trying to make a joke of the court. He also claimed that the 17yearold witness along with the other eye witnesses examined by the court, are members of the youth organization “Communist Liberation” and that they have a dangerous anti-governmental attitude and that they are trying to manipulate the trial through other ways.

Aswell he said that if the witness does not appear he will have to quit the case.

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