‘Operation Shadow’, Italy – Report on the first grade trial


From informa-azione.info
Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

We receive and transmit:
 On October 22 2013 the first grade sentence of the trial for so called ‘operation Shadow’ was pronounced at the court of Perugia. Prosecutor Manuela Comodi lost on all fronts and all the comrades on trial were acquitted, except Sergio who was sentenced to 3 years and 3 months for car theft.
 Prosecutor Comodi’s usual ravings singled her out in the court, but were promptly challenged by Sergio who attended the trail (and was sued by Comodi for contempt of the court).
She has now 90 days to request an appeal trial.
 Sergio is still being held in pre-trial detention in the prison of Ferrara, following ‘operation Ardire’ (Comodi’s offspring too). The preliminary hearing for ‘operation Ardire’ will be held on November 6 in Perugia and will focus on the investigation carried out in Perugia.
Solidarity with the comrades under investigation.

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