Sentences of 10 and 9 years for anarchists Alfredo and Nicola – Italy


From:  Informa-Azione
 Translated by act for freedom now/Sysiphus


We’ll get out of here branded as terrorists, the amusing thing is that you can say that without seeming ridiculous: it is what the law states. One thing sure is that words have lost all their meaning; if we are terrorists, what would you call those who produce weapons, tracking systems for missiles, drones, fighter-bombers, equipment to hunt people trying to cross borders, nuclear power stations, those who do deals with assassins in uniform and famous dictators, in other words, how would you define Finmeccanica?   Nicola Gai
 We saw Adinolfi smiling slyly and playing the victim from television screens. We saw him lecturing against ‘terrorism’ in schools. But I wonder: what is terrorism? A gunshot, a searing pain, an open wound or the incessant, continuous threat of a slow death devouring you from inside? The continuous incessant terror that one of their nuclear plants can vomit death and desolation upon us all of a sudden?
Ansaldo Nucleare and Finmeccanica bear huge responsibilities. Their projects continue to sow death everywhere. Recently the rumour has spread of probable investments in the enlargement of the nuclear plant of Kryko, Slovenia, a high seismic risk area very close to Italy. In Cernadova, Romania, several incidents have occurred since 2000, caused by Ansaldo’s stupidity during the construction of one of their plants. How many lives have been lost? How much blood shed? Technocrats of Anslado and Finmeccanica, all facile smiles and a ‘clean’ conscience: your ‘progress’ stinks of death, and the death you sow all over the world is shouting for revenge.
Alfredo Cospito
 source: RaiNews
Ten years and 8 months in prison for Alfredo Cospito and 9 years and 4 months for Nicola Gai. These are the sentences imposed by preliminary hearing judge Annalisa Giacalone on the two anarchists responsible for the attack on Roberto Adinolfi.
 The two insurrectionalist anarchists from Turin, who were accused of and confessed to the attack on the Ansaldo Nuclear chief executive in Genoa on 7 May 2012, were sentenced in summary proceedings. The court added the aggravating circumstance of the purposes of terrorism.
 Public prosecutors Nicola Piacente and Silvio Franz had asked for 12 years for Cospito and 10 years for Gai . Satisfaction was expressed by the civil party and the Attorney General of the State: ‘This sentence – they said – is confirmation that the State exists.’
‘This ruling has confirmed the validity of the case for the prosecution,’ was the comment of the chief prosecutor of Genoa, Michele Di Lecce who was alongside the two prosecutors during the reading of the sentence .
 The CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare, Roberto Adinolfi, ‘expected such a response from the State,’ said the lawyer of Adinolfi, Corrado Pagano, commenting on the sentence.
 ANSA – Genoa, October 30…
 ‘It is true that Cospito and Gai today have confessed’, said Prosecutor Nicola Piacente. ‘But the second part of the confession is still missing. They have not disowned (what they did), on the contrary, they disrespect authority and the law’, Piacente added.



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