RadioAzione: Solidarity and complicity with Alfredo and Nicola – Italy


12 November 2013-11-13
 Translated by act for freedom now/Sysiphus

Today, 12 November 2013, in one of the grey courtrooms of Genoa, sentence was passed on the two comrades Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai.
At the first hearing on October 30, remember, the comrades claimed responsibility for the attack on the monster of the atom and CEO of Ansaldo Nuclear of the Finmeccanica group, Roberto Adinolfi.
The sentence comes as no surprise to us, because, of course, we don’t believe in ‘justice’ even if sometimes you think, ‘in the face of something like this that puts the entire world population in danger (we are still suffering, even thousands of km away and 20 years on, the consequences of Chernobyl, despite the fact that none of the enslaved media report it, those of the experiments under the sea of ​​Mururoa (French Polynesia) by Chirac’s France, and the recent Fukushima disaster) how does a living being – because, unfortunately, the servants of the State, in spite of their nature as guard dogs and inquisitors, are also such – condemn an ​​act such as that of Alfredo and Nicola, aimed at trying to eliminate the problem at the root? How does one go against one’s self by passing off an executioner that poisons you every day, as a victim?’
I hope not to be misunderstood in asking myself those questions.
Obviously I cannot get into the head of any servant of the State, nor would I want to; I think, though, that these are questions that many individuals, also anarchists, could ask themselves, despite the hatred that we have towards this eternal evil that grips the earth.
We know very well that the media have always been the State’s megaphone.
They serve to build sick ‘consciences’ among an ignorant population for whom the latest model of mobile phone, a computer with Facebook and a measly plate of pasta on the table are enough to digest and assimilate the amount of daily news that flows out from the pens of these infamous jackals.
The first court is that of the people, certainly not those proposed by the Red Brigades.
The first judgment comes from the silent flock, grazing heads down, taking the way shown by the shepherd (Church-State).
The people who, heads down, munch their food from the ‘Terra dei Fuochi’ [‘Land of the Fires’ between Naples and Caserta characterized by the illegal dumping of toxic waste by the Camorra] in Campania, the fields near to the ILVA [polluting steelworks] in Taranto, and I still remember the ENI [‘Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi’ – national hydrocarbons authority – which operated in nuclear power, energy, mining, chemicals and plastics] in Marghera (Veneto) and Stagno (a small village between Pisa and Livorno), the steel works and tanneries still in Tuscany, asbestos factories in Val d’Aosta, Eternit [asbestos cement factories] in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna … just to name but a few of those that stand out.
The people who swallow poison every day, and instead of vomiting on those who administer it to them, spit in the face their fellow men or those who try to curb the hand of the poisoner.
This is Italy!
The most worrying thing is that some, even anarchists, say that gestures such as that claimed by Alfredo Nicola scare the population …
There is a population in Italy?
Would it perhaps be that which goes to church every Sunday, listens to the pope every day on TV, messages to networks of politicians, works for free, spends all day on social networks posting photos and videos of anything that happens in the streets, with plenty of faces of people who didn’t even know that they were being filmed?
Would it be that which is satisfied, every now and again, by some State subsidy to buy the decoder for digital TV, a computer or the key for the internet?
If that is the population, then let it be scared …
Is there is still someone who wants to ‘go and come back all together’?
Like Alfredo and Nicola, I think that no revolution should be waited for because revolutions, wherever they have taken place anywhere in the world, were only able to reproduce the same shit that was there before and maybe even more. In addition, expectation creates fear and cools spirits.
Today more than ever we need to make our voices heard and our closeness to the two comrades who, by their action, have given a new twist to the history of anarchists in Italy in the last 100 years.
For a century we heard only slogans, last year Alfredo and Nicola passed to action.
Those slogans were pronounced by all, or a large part of the Italian anarchists, now we see how much they want to spend demonstrating solidarity and belonging (I do not speak of the acronym FAInformale) to the two brothers, the two individuals … to the two comrades…
It won’t be a smile coming from a wheelchair to make us feel weak in the face of the enemy.
That same wheelchair shows that you are not as unapproachable and that, in addition to the ‘bastards’ you are expecting ‘from those they are sent by’, there are also the lone wolves that come out hungry from the paths of the forest.
A big rebel hug, as warm as the heat that comes from the Phoenix,
solidarity and complicity with Alfredo and Nicola.


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