solidarity with Marios Zervas website in english

solidarity with  Marios Zervas website in english
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Anarchists have occupied the School of Jurnalism in the centre of Thessaloniki.

They call for a gathering at 10.30 on Friday at the court of the city for solidarity to the 3 comrades that were arrested before the demonstration that took place on Thursday for writing political slogans with spray, and for a gathering on Saturday in a central square for solidarity to the 6 arrested comrades that are accused for participation in the organization ‘Revolutionary Struggle’. Next assembly is on Friday at 17.00.

More than 4,000 people demonstrate last night in Athens in solidarity with Marios Zervas who was arrested without any reason one month ago during the big strike and he still in jail since then, without a trial. Marios was arrested and accused without any evidence during the demonstration of the strikers. Marios has…dreadlocks which looked very suspicious to the riot cops who decided to arrest him out of the blue and accuse him for rioting, while there is no other evidence apart from the cops’ testimony. 16/4

15/4/ Arson attack on Christos Protopapas office (mp of the ruling party Pasok),

A gas canister explosive device was put outside the door of the offices on Sina and Akadimias Street, Athens, yesterday..

If they want to create division, indifference and passivity by spreading terror and slander, we should turn against them the weapon of SOLIDARITY.

If the mechanisms wish to present themselves as the only subject who writes its bloody history conducting the peoples’ lives, we have every reason to talk about all those struggles burst and still bursting in every place where the dictatorship of the states and the capitalists is imposed, about this eternal fight for freedom that goes on, in different ways and forms in time and space.

To shout for all those who are kept hostages by the states, while the regime’s propaganda, when not presenting them as “dangerous criminals”, tries to present as “harmless and weak”, “depoliticized” and “marginalized” in order to disdain the choice of resistance. And say what is really ventured, why they are affraid of them and affraid of us.

To talk about the ways that the criminal gangs of the states and the bosses have used in order to imprison the revolted people and about this spirit of revolt that they never managed to imprison… FROM ACT FROM FREEDOM NOW.. OUR SOLIDARITY TO THE 6 COMRADES IN ATHENS..

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