Update on the trial of anarchist communist comrade Tasos Theofilou – Athens – Greece


Translated by Actforfreedomnow.boubourAs


Update on the trial of comrade T.Theofilou
The main accusations that Tasos Theofilou is facing in court are:
1-Formation of and membership in a terrorist organization (CCF)
2-Intentional manslaughter
3-Double attempted serial homicide
4-Armed joint-venture robbery
5-Manufacture, supply and possession of explosives
Today 11/11/13, began the procedure of the trial of anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou, despite the demand of his lawyers (Papadakis, Fitrakis, Paparoussou) to postpone the trial because of todays absence of the lawyers, but also because of the trial already running for the CCF in which his name is implicated.
The chairman of the court provocatively ignored the demands of the advocates, responding characteristically to the objection of K.Papadakis that vested syndicalist rights are being violated in a way never before seen, he said: “theres a first for everything”. In todays session, they read out the names of the prosecution witnesses, while the next session was set for the 13th of November, at 10.am. on the first floor of Loukareos appellate.
No comrade will be left alone.
Wednesday November 13th. Todays session was spent on objections by the defence, which were provocatively rejected by the seat.
the trial continues on Wednesday November 20th.
Solidarity is our weapon. Gathering at the appellate on Wednesday at 9.30am.

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