Spain: Five anarchist comrades arrested in Barcelona, accused of the explosion in the Basilica del Pillar in Zaragoza on October 2


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 On November 13 at 2:45 am, the National Police raided the house of four anarchist comrades in Barcelona, arresting the four comrades and another in the vicinity of her home the same morning, accusing the 5 of having placed a device that exploded at the Basilica del Pillar in Zaragoza (Spain) on October 2. They are currently arrested under the Anti-Terrorism Act, and schedualed to appear in the coming days in Madrid, before the Supreme Court, under judge Eloy Velasco .
The mediatic frenzy began the same morning. The National Police provided images of their arrest and the search of their home. Their identities were disclosed and the press printed full names and photos. The Minister of the Interior, Fernandez Diaz, spoke triumphantly in all the mass media, proud of the arrests and assuming that the Spanish State will triumph judicially in trying to put our comrades behind prison walls. In this way the Spanish State is making an effort to complete the revenge that the Chilean State was not able to do in its quest for law and order.
For the last few months the judiciary aparatus and mass media have been preparing a  repressive strike against those considered most dangerous inside and outside social movements. So now, those responsible for the rage in a demonstration are only anarchists and “antisistemas” and in that way they can account for the uncontrollable rage that they can´t pigeonhole. Within the context of armed struggle, they are again playing the old cards they´ve played so often: the famous “anarchist triangle” was the talk in the press in Galicia, as well as of the placing of a bomb in an Italian bank headquarters in Barcelona and Valencia. The conspiracy theories that the press so loves to print surfaced again. A few months ago a CNT local was raided and 5 anarchists were arrested for alleged claims made on the internet, and possession of incendiary material. After four months incarcerated under the FIES regime – 3 were let out with charges. The latest arrests in Barcelona made it completely clear that the newest attacks are on the anarchist movement.
We are not interested in whether or not our comrades are guilty or innocent, as this is the language of Power, the language of democracy. We will not play the game of silence, or of victims, we will not be defeatists. We are deeply saddened to have comrades in this situation, but we all know that thinking and acting, when it becomes concrete, will sooner or later come up against the true face of the system.
In the face of collaboration between the different States – Solidarity without Borders for our Comrades !
Break Down the Walls of the State !
Salut and Anarchy ! We want our Comrades with Us!

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