Spain : Updates on the arrests of five comrades in Barcelona


FROM: RadioAzione
Translated by Actforfree/Sysiphus

 Below are some updates from the comrades of the site Material Anarquista
on the arrests of the comrades in Barcelona (Spain), accused of attacks on churches. We reiterate, from RadioAzione, solidarity to Francisco, Monica, Valeria, RocioNand Gerardo:

 Comrades, the news is being updated and it is urgent to spread it.

At this time as a site we reiterate that we do not care whether the comrades say they are guilty or innocent we only care that our brothers and sisters be “free” on the streets, no matter where in the world they are from, solidarity is unlimited. Currently we are only able to provide information gathered from various bourgeois means of communication, and information from individuals in solidarity, to whom we ask for collaboration for updates on this case.
 Shortly before 03:00 today November 13 we learned that five comrades, who lived in an apartment in the neighbourhood of Carmel de Barcelona , were accused of being the perpetrators of an explosive attack at the Basilica del Pilar di Saragozza, on 2 October. According to information provided by the Office of General Information, those accused of this action are Francisco Javier Solar Dominguez and Monica Andrea Caballero Sepùlveda (both comrades are Chilean), Valeria Giacomoni (Italian), who did not live in that house, but who according to investigations, is the person who brought to Spain Monica Caballero, Gerardo Damiàn Formoso (Argentina) and Rocio Yune Mira Pérez (Chile).
 The Spanish Ministry of Interior claims that those arrested are part “a very well organized commando, extremely dangerous with strong international connections” (…) and that they “are well-known in criminal history in Chile” (…) . The fact that those arrested are foreign comrades confirms the police suspicion that, for several months, Spain is becoming a haven for insurrectionalist anarchists.
 Blamed for the placing of the bomb are the two comrades Monica Caballero and Francisco del Solar, who would have been identified through images recorded on the day of the explosion near the Basilica, where they were seen arriving with two backpacks to the cathedral  “moving carefully so as not to be noticed”. Then they would have left the place shortly before the explosion .
 The explosive placed in the Basilica del Pilar de Zaragoza caused a loud bang in the central hall of the church, without causing any injuries, even though it was open to the public at the time. The two men arrived the Basilica del Pilar by public transport.
The attack was claimed by the Commando Insurreccional Mateo Morral, the same anarchist group that claimed responsibility for the attack on the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid in February, which, however, did notexplode.
The authors claimed it shortly after the attack in a communiqué, making it clear that the attack had “no intention of harming parishioners and worshipers” and so had warned two newspapers and the basilica ten minutes beforehand in order to have it evacuated.
But according to the investigators, the attack in Zaragozza cannot be directly connected with the same people that attacked Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, on February 7. But the suspicion due to the fact hat both attacks were claimed by the Comando Insurreccional Mateo Morral and the bombs were “similar ” leads them to say that it will only be “a matter of time,” before they are also accused of the attack in the Spanish capital.
 “According to police statements , February 4 ( before the attackn on the Basilica del Pilar di Saragozza ) Spanish police made ​​contact with Chilean INTERPOL to confirm the identity of Francisco and Mònica . Thus, on 8 November, the Spanish police notified theChilean Interior Minister of the imminent arrest of the suspects .”
The poster reads:
“Solidarity and Action with the arrested comrades in Barcelona.
No State, no border will ever be able to halt social war.
May distance get smaller with gestures of solidarity.
May attacks against Power multiply day by day.
Immediate release of Mónica and Francisco!
Prisoners of war out onto the streets!”
 Faced with this situation cannot remain indifferent to the attack of the Spanish and Chilean authorities and all their lackeys. Neither Innocent nor Guilty, we are only their enemies and in solidarity in all its forms with comrades persecuted in the different regions of the planet. It is more than clear that the social war has been declared, we cannot wish one moment of peace to the authorities and make a call to solidarity and to keeping up the offensive in all its fullness, from ink to dagger, nothing is extraneous to this war.
 Irreducible greetings to our brothers and sisters arrested in Spain 13 November, we love our warrior brothers and sisters and hate our enemies.

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