Solidarity text – network of anarchist prisoners – Greece


Translated by Actforfree.boubourAs
Solidarity text – network of anarchist prisoners
 On July 2nd 2012, 25 people are detained from different parts of Thessaloniki and it is announced to them that they are accused of accession in a criminal organization and loads of other heavy charges.
They remain detained in the holding cells of GADTH (central police headquarters of thessaloniki) until they appear before the interrogator, where they are let free. During their detainment, it is revealed that the massive indictment has been formed exclusively on phone taps, which after being cooked up by the police, were the base from which allegedly arise illegal acts and organized participation of the accused in them.
Despite all its particularities, particularities which concern the interior of the anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement, this case also has a experimental dimension for the oppressive mechanisms. It is the first time that anarchists are prosecuted with references to phone calls as sole evidence. A tactic which based on the intentional vagueness of article 187 of the penal code, a.k.a. The anti-terror law, has been used many times in cases irrelevant to the anarchist movement.
It is being attempted to create a precedent where individuals and situations (many times irrelevant to each other) are grouped up into criminal organizations, in order to facilitate the oppression task. In this specific case the implications are small for the majority of the accused, but not for all.
On April 10th 2013 comrade Spiros Stratoulis receives, from Larissa prison services, a subpoena to appear before the prosecutor in charge on April 23rd accused in the above case, in the frames of the second-degree summons of individuals who appear in the indictment. During the procedure he is not remanded and since then he remains in custody awaiting trial.

Spiros Stratoulis situation in this specific case, has a particular importance first of all because of the consequences involved in this detainment. Already imprisoned, the fact that felony charges are pending against him, places him in juridical captivity, since the leave days he gets very often, as well as his release on bail are negated. Practically this means that he will remain in prison another three and half years, until he completes the maximum sentence someone can serve, which is 25 years.
At the same time the juridical captivity of the comrade is very important for one more very important reason. His implication in this specific case is a clear expression of the vengefulness of the oppressive mechanisms towards those who do not subordinate to their prisons. The fact that Spiros was not “corrected” after 22 years in locked up in the democratic cells, a period which he passed fighting and bearing the consequences, is enough to render him a target of the oppressive mechanisms and permanent suspect of the various cop services.
 As of November 11th comrade Spiros Stratoulis began a hunger strike demanding the cease of his vengeful persecution.
We stand in solidarity to his struggle and we will be with him until victory.
No comrade alone in the hands of the state.
Immediate cease of his persecution.
 Network of anarchist prisoners – domokos – koridallos – Corfu

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