Anarchist Rami Syrianos begins a hunger strike in solidarity to Spiros Stratoulis- Greece


Translated by Actforfree.boubourAs

Rami Syrianos begins a hunger strike in solidarity to Spiros Stratoulis
On November 11th brother Spiros Stratoulis beagn a hunger demanding the end of his persecution for the known case “Criminal Organization of Thessaloniki Squats”.

I could at this point write about who is Spiros, his fighting course over two decades of imprisonment, his indomitable spirit, his integrity and humanism in spite of the attempts of brutalization of the democratic cells, but all this can only capture a fragment of the reasons for which I call this person a comrade and brother. In order to capture the substance I would have to be able to find words which can decode the one year and a bit of coexistence in the prison of Larissa.
Words which can capture the condensed experience of being with a person 24 hours a day. Sharing every moment, every joy, every sorrow, every difficulty, every hope. Thoughts, concerns and dreams. I would have to find words that can express in a comprehensive way the unique importance to be able, in the individualized time-space of prison, to say that I am not alone.
On November 11th Spiros began a hunger strike. Today, November 21st, he is on his tenth day. As of today I also begin a hunger strike as an act of solidarity.
As an act it imprints nothing less than what is attributable to this person and the experiences we shared and continue to share, even if at different places now.
Because Solidarity means to call a person a comrade and this means what you say: together in the good, together in the struggles, together in the hard times, to the end. Brother hold on to the good times, take courage and storm ahead…
Until victory.
Rami Syrianos
Domokos prisons

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