Switzerland : Lausanne – attacks against the deportation machine


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The EVAM is still the target of vandalism
 20minutes, November 23, 2013 4:32 p.m.
Two vehicles of the Vaud establishment for receiving migrants were
attacked between Thursday and Friday night at Mont-sur-Lausanne.
“EVAM dégage [fuck off], resistance and sabotage”. This is the slogan that employees of the Vaud establishment for receiving migrants found sprayed on one of their vehicles on Friday morning. Canisters were not the only way the authors of this new attack on the institution protested. Red paint was also projected onto another vehicle, while a last car was “decorated” with “EVAM collaborator”.
“We discovered the cars in this state on Friday morning” one of them stated. Police confirmed this information, adding that some building facades were also targeted.
This new attack demonstrates once again how much some people are sick of this institution, which has already been the target of two attacks in the past.
 Window shattered
In May, the main window of the EVAM office, located in Avenue Echallens, was vandalized after stones were thrown.
In early November, the grocery Echallens Avenue was the scene of another event. A banner with the inscription “EVAM Collabo” accompanied by a roughly drawn finger salute was hung on the emergency unit of the institution.
Opened less than a year ago, the unit, which offers treatment to those needing urgent assistance, seems to continue to be a focus of tension.
    EVAM branch vandalized with stones
20minutes, 3 May 2013 11:54
A new unit of the Vaud Institution for welcoming migrants was attacked during the night. In place for less than a month, it has not left the neighbourhood indifferent.
” There are several holes in the window of the unit, recounts a
passerby. They don’t know known if it was stones or bullets, but they’re
big enough!” On Thursday to Friday night, the unit of the
Vaud Establishment for the reception of migrants ( EVAM ) based in Avenue
Echallens was vandalized. “When I got here this morning, our employees
found that there was some problem, confirms Sylvie Makela spokesman
for EVAM. The damage seem quite superficial, but we will
still file a complaint.” Apparently, stones had been thrown at the
entrance window.
The incident did not disrupt the functioning of the unit that usually opens
on Friday. ” At present, the police do not have any specific trail, “says Sylvie Makela. Opened there less than a month ago, this unit doesn’t seem to be going down well with the neighbours. “The area is already mixed enough, we really didn’t need that,” one resident said recently to “Lausanne Cities.”
“It is true that in the beginning, there were changes in habit for the
people of the area, but cohabitation is getting better and better,” says
Sylvie Mekela.

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