Mexico – Update on Mario González, anarchist prisoner on hunger strike since October 7.


Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd


Anarchist comrade Mario González García was arrested on October 2 while he was on his way to a demo in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the 1968 massacre.
In spite of the fact that release on bail had been demanded by a judge, the comrade is currently being detained in the Oriente prison, and this is one of the many irregularities surrounding his case.
On October 7 Mario decided to go on hunger strike. On Monday October 14 comrades gathered in solidarity outside the court of Sullivan in Mexico City.
We call on all our comrades for a demo to be held on October 16. Let’s struggle against this rotten deadly system. On that day a march from Estela de Lu to the Palace of Government, Mexico City, will demand the immediate release of all the comrades arrested on October 2.
First communiqué of Mario González
Down with the prison walls!
To all the people.
I’m Jorge Mario González García. I was kidnapped by the government and locked up in the prison of Oriente. They accuse me of disrupting the peace, which is on offence fabricated against me in the context of the repression against the students’ movement and social struggle. In fact the motives of my imprisonment are not legal but based on political reasons.
From inside the prison I send a hug to all the comrades outside. This experience shall make us stronger rather than fill our hearts with fear.
Following the ordinance of remand in custody issued against me I started a hunger strike in order to demand my immediate release.
This bloody government is trying to punish all those who don’t believe in it in an exemplary way, and to criminalize anarchism by labelling the latter as ‘porrismo’ thus discrediting the purest and most sincere ideal of humanity.
I want to thank all those who expressed solidarity with me from everywhere. Repression, the apañones, surveillance, military police, espionage, imprisonment are persecuting anarchists on a national and international level.
I raise my voice from the trenches of this prison to shout my anger and my hatred against pig cops obedient servants of the authoritarian and brutal capitalist system.
When I’m free I’ll show my hatred on the streets and anywhere the students’ movement will lead me.
Sincere greetings to all those who resist and who don’t forget the prisoners.
Our most precious possession is freedom and for it we must struggle with determination and courage.
Greetings to all the prisoners in struggle in Mexico and all over the world! Solidarity never stops! We’ll destroy their cages!
In the struggle,
Jorge Mario González García.
10th October 2013
Second communiqué of Mario González
To all the people in solidarity.

On 2nd October 1968 the State killed a great number of people who were demonstrating against repression and in defence of their freedom. On 2nd October 2013 the State showed its will to kill us once again, kill us slowly with imprisonment.
This is my fifth day of hunger strike. I hope people outside know about it. I demand justice because each day in jail is a day of slow annihilation. The most heinous crime is being committed by those who hold us prisoners and will judge us as guilty or not guilty. They are bloody assassins accomplices of an infamous project aimed at making us losers and resigned. The goal of the ‘justice’ system is to take our lives because they fear that life can become fair for everybody.
This system has no reason to be, let’s put an end to it until there is no memory of it. I’ll do what I can to live in a world without prison or daily death, a world where the sun raises for all. For it’s better to die for freedom than live as slaves.
Death to the State, long live anarchy.
Mario González García

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