Italy – December 9 2013: four comrades arrested in Turin and Milan following police operation against the NO TAV resistance


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We receive and transmit two communiqués [the one from Milan and the other one from Trento and Rovereto] in solidarity with Chiara, Mattia, Niccolò and Claudio, imprisoned following the repressive operation of December 9. 


Solidarity from Milan


On Monday December 9 2013 police raids occurred and four comrades were arrested between Turin and Milan on orders of Turin prosecutors Padalino and Rinaudo. The charges pressed against the comrades concern the attack on the TAV construction yard of Chiomonte, which was carried out in the night between 13th and 14th May 2013. The charges are pretty much serious: articles 280 and 280bis (‘attack with purposes of terrorism, terrorist acts carried out with lethal and explosive devices, possession of war weapons, damages’).
That night unknown people caused significant damages to the construction yard and then disappeared unseen just as they had come. Following that episode a public meeting called by the NO TAV movement in Bussoleno claimed sabotage as a useful and necessary practice for the NO TAV struggle. Some recalled no violence champions (Capitini, Gandhi, Mandela) in support of the sabotage. Others recalled different scenarios of struggle such as that of the peoples under military occupation, the struggle against nuclear power, the partisans’ struggle and the huge heritage of workers’ struggles. In spite of the media terrorism unleashed after the attack, actions of sabotage didn’t stop and continued to gather widespread support all over Italy. The most recent ones occurred a few days ago in Turin against companies involved in the TAV.

Journalists and commentators, politicians and prosecutors (with their leader Caselli) rattled off their litany of terror, warned against the risk of coming back to the ‘years of lead’ and so on. In their picture could not miss ‘bad teachers’, ‘dens’ and ‘clandestine publications’, which were identified in harmless novelists, town inns and texts publicly distributed during demonstrations.  Then there were an investigation on terrorism against NO TAV militants in the Susa valley (and raids in their homes), well-advertised meetings between anti-terrorism prosecutors of various cities and today’s arrests.
The use of the word terrorism is meant to weaken the movement and split the people from the struggle as the latter is being represented as a distant reality, incomprehensible and absurdly violent. This word evokes an entire world. We ought to make it collapse on to them.
It is not only four generous comrades we knew and love that are under attack, there is a whole valley in struggle. To develop the potentialities of this struggle is our response.
‘A sarà düra.
Comrades from Milan


Let the wind of revenge blow again

Solidarity with Chiara, Mattia, Niccol ò and Claudio


In the night between 13th and 14th May a few dozen anonymous NO TAV attackers stormed the yard of the high speed in the Susa Valley and damaged some equipment. A rapid and precise action, which once again demonstrated that the fortress of Clarea was not inviolable and which made the sweet wind of revenge blow again. The action was publicly supported by the NO TAV movement in an open meeting in Bussoleno.


Today, December 9, on orders of the prosecutors from Milan and Turin the political police arrested four comrades (another three are under investigation) for ‘attack with purposes of terrorism’ and accused them of having taken part in the action of May. All this happens eight years after the invasion and the mass damages inflicted on the construction yard of Venaus.


As happened many other times (also in the Susa Valley a few months ago), the State is accusing of ‘terrorism’ those who resist to its devastating projects, militarized yards, teargas, barbed wire, ‘red zones’ and truncheons.
We don’t care if Chiara, Mattia, Niccolò and Claudio took part in the action against the yard in Chiomonte.
What we know is that many people had rejoiced at the news of the attack, in the Valley and not only.
What we know is that the ancient trees smashed down by the bulldozers in Clarea are open and burning wounds.
What we know is that terrorists are those who starve people, exploit, devastate and bombard, not those who oppose environmental disasters and struggle for a world without profits or power.
What we know is that Chiara, Mattia, Niccolò and Claudio are our friends and comrades, generous and brave, always on the front line in the struggles in Turin, Milan, the Susa Valley and anywhere their minds and hearts take them.
What we know is that we want them free now, in the streets and mountain paths together with us.
What we know is that these arrests won’t stop the struggle against the High Speed and the system that creates and defends it.
Within and around the NO TAV movement a solidarity that has always responded to repressive manoeuvres (every time announced by the media war machine) was born and has spread, thus diffusing its reasons and practices. Neither innocent nor guilty.
No yard of injustice – with their thousand ganglions – shall fell safe. ‘We prefer you unhappy’.
Occupation troops, politicians and journalists: you are the terrorists!
Freedom for Chiara, Mattia, Niccolò and Claudio!
Anarchists from Rovereto and Trento
Address of the arrested comrades:
Mattia Zanotti
Chiara Zenobi
Niccolò Blasi
Claudio Alberto
C.C. Via Maria Adelaide Aglietta 35
10151 Turin


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