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On the 2nd of Novemeber 2009 the Cabinet of the Nepalese Government passed into Law a declaration which formally ends monkey farming in Nepal and provides a framework for the rehabailitation and release of all the monkeys currently in the farm by a foundation to be setup by Nepalese campaigners.

Whilst it was always expected, we can now conclusively state that Nepal’s monkeys have been saved from vivisection…BY LAW!!!

This legally binding agreement represents the final hurdle for international primate rescue groups to assist in the rescue operation; with one Dutch group already having offered support and others having publicly offered assistance before, we are hopeful for a swift and successful release operation.

The only problem with the declaration was that the Nepalese Government chose to offer NO financial assistance to the rehabilitation foundation…instead they are expecting external funding for the project, so soon we are expecting to take responsibility for nearly 400 hungry mouths with limited funds to sustain them!

The monkeys are still being “cared for” by the breeders, who will receive compensation in exchange for the animals and the farm, (to be handed over to the campaign foundation). The hope is that the farm, once successfully converted, will also serve as a rehabilitation sanctuary for other wildlife once the monkeys have been released.

The current estimate is the project will cost around ?100 per monkey, or about ?40,000, and take 6-12 months to successfully complete. A fundraising campaign is urgently being established by a European campaign group, and activists are preparing to go to Nepal, (entirely at their own expense), to provide logistics and operations support to the campaigners setting up the foundation.

More information will follow soon about the fundraising campaign, but we sincerely hope we that can rely on your continued support to finish this incredible grassroots campaign in fairytale style!

For the animals…

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