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Madrid – new attack on police academy of Atocha in solidarity with Greek comrades and Tamara

Thursday, 15 April 2010

fonte: http://madrid.indymedia.org, via culmine

There has been another attack against the police academy in Atocha, with a hammer a window of the main entrance was smashed and sprayed Freedom to the Greek anarchists” and “Freedom Giannis“.

This dictatorship needs obedient servants to protect the interests of the dominant class. Those who rebel against this misery, against this form of life imposed and made artificial will be excluded, tortured, arrested and/or as it the case of Giannis who like many others has decided to rebel, and refuse to accept the imposition of work, consumerism, false freedom, to accept living death. For this now he is condemned now by all the scoria that serve the State/Capital: police, judges, journalists, engineers, professors… they are our enemies, let’s attack them!

Freedom to Giannis Dimitrakis

Freedom to Tamara

Freedom to the rebel prisoners!!

Down with the walls of the prisons and the bars of the cages

Tierra salvaje

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