EDF vehicle burnt out in Bristol – UK


EDF vehicle burnt out in Bristol. (17.12.2013)
Last night in Bristol we set fire to a van owned by EDF, the large energy provider and joint owner of Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in Somerset. Hinkley is one of several new nuclear projects in England.
Nuclear power is on the rise. Energy suppliers such as EDF continue to centralise resources and capital by promoting increasingly dangerous and precarious form of energy. In desperate attempts to invent “solutions” to their energy crisis (ie. maintain the status quo of energy consumption), process such as fracking, CCS (carbon capture and storage) and many others are presented as “green” alternatives to the more traditional forms of fuel. Energy companies are only interested in short term economic gain.
They do not have the solutions to the problems connected with these new forms of unstable energy. Nuclear is one of the most pronounced examples of this. Uranium mining for nuclear production is an endlessly destructive scramble for the last remaining supplies. Indigenous communities still on the land are usually the ones bearing the brunt (such as the Dinah, the San and the Mirrar).
The arrogant nuclear bosses obsession with growth and profit has already condemned us all to 100,000s of years of toxic waste. Radiation effects the DNA of every living being. Inevitably large scale disasters such as Fuckushima grab headlines for a short time but the constant low level leaks at plants such as Sellafield in East England go largely unnoticed.
“Civil” nuclear power is inseparable from military purposes, one often hiding the development of the other. Waste from civil facilities is reprocessed into weapons grade plutonium. The huge scale control, centralisation of resources and capital, and blind dependance on complex science and technology represented by nuclear power are the anit-thesis of the world we desire and fight towards.
We stand in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, imprison for shooting and injurying a high ranking nuclear executive, and with Marco Camenisch, also imprisoned for industrial sabotage.
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