RadioAzione – A.M. Bonanno also denied entry in the Mexican State


Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

From South-American comrades we learn that A. M. Bonanno, who was due to take part in the Jornadas Informales Anárquicas, was denied entry also in Mexico as had happened in Chile.
 It is clear that South American states are implementing repressive strategies especially in recent times: a comrade dead (Sebastian Oversluij), continuous arrests, collaboration with European states (for example the arrest of Francisco and Monica in Barcelona along with three other comrades who were released five days later), judicial frame-ups like in the ‘Bombas’ case, the arrest of Victor Montoya and much more.
 The fact that Bonanno was denied entry in Chile and Mexico implies a new strategy aimed at destroying international relations between comrades. A further strengthening of the state borders, so as to turn nations into proper open prisons for their ‘residents’ only.
 But in spite of everything it would be a serious mistake just thinking that we are ‘victims’ of the states and their borders. Men can be uncontrollable as is the fear of the men of power. They can’t sleep quietly even if they boast their luxury, authority and conviction of being untouchable. If they raise more barriers they do so only because they fear that countless sparks can turn into a fire that will burn all forms of power.
 If new barriers are being implemented in the states of Latin America it is because the authorities are staring to smell smoke from a flame that is ready to fire, especially in Chile and Mexico, where sparks and flames have been very frequent for a few years now.
 The states of the world are a huge beach made of countless grains of sand.
 We are some of those grains of sand…
 It would be wrong to think that we are different from the other grains, it would be a lie we tell each other in order to think we are more free than the other grains.
 We are part of that beach because we all accept the rules of a model of life inconsistent with our ideas, in spite of our constant and daily struggle against dominion.
 We are grains of a beach we hate so much, but compared to million other grains we are those who stay in the surface; grains that the wind of revolt blow up and down the beach beyond all borders.
We are the grains that occasionally get out of the beach and block the clogs of the authority machine.
 We are the grains that following a natural process turn into stones that smash the windows of their palaces.

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