Spain – A letter from comrades Monica and Francisco


From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

 Once again we are here between walls of concrete and bars, surveillance cameras and jailers. Once again we are here with our heads held high and proud to be what we are. Proud to be part of the hurricane that is trying to erase all forms of power, which has once again taken off its mask and is showing its real face in all its brutality and weakness as well. In this case, the collaboration between the Chilean state and the Spanish one which led to our arrest shows how the states can organize themselves in order to face what they perceive as a threat; but the attention the men of power give to us also reflects their fragility. Their incoherent speeches on security are a mantle that conceals their fear that any fortuity can unleash widespread chaos. Their blows and gags just strengthen and sharpen our ideas and lives dedicated to continuous conflict. Our stand: not a minute of silence but a life in the struggle.
 We send a hug to all expressions of solidarity, drives that weaken the prison bars. We intend solidarity as the constant realization of our anarchist ideas in all their forms so as the enemy understands that nothing is over and everything continues in prison and in the streets. Above all, the huge solidarity expressed by the comrades who have used their bodies as weapons and carried out a hunger strike.
 We salute those who continue to weave complicities, those who venture into the unknown, those who are motivated by incertitude, those who are obstinate for anarchy. All our respect and love go to them. We sadly learned of Sebastien’s death, but at the same time his life consistent with his ideals fills us with joy: a real warrior. We are on the side of the comrades who mourn our fallen comrades, bur from here we send them a lot of strength and a ‘see you soon’.


Monica Caballero

Francisco Solar

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