Translated by  BoubourAs/actforfree
Note* On sunday 5/1/13, (two days after this letter was released in greek
Giannis was ambushed outside the 1st wing of Koridallos prisons and beaten by atleast 5 members of the CCF who were carrying sticks. He is now in hospital.
 On February 3rdI am to be tried by the official authority, with all its honours, like one more “terrorist” of the domestic line. I don’t give a fuck about my accusers and obviously I will not step foot in the courtroom. We are from veeeeeeeeeeeeery far away worlds, no need to analyse this. To put it simply, I shit on their justice. The charges do not concern me. The case of the arrests in Nea Filadelphia is more or less known and either way, I am accused of usual anarchist practices, so there is no point in repeating things that have been said a thousand times already.
 Lets put it differently. When someone has thrown the “normal” life offered by this boring world, in the garbage, how can he/she not dismiss the ethical matters of restriction such as the laws of the state and commitments with it such as labour?
As for the other charge, that of the organization, it sucks a bit, because I was always against the idea of “organizations”. There are far too bureaucratic for my anarchist tastes. I prefer the free, informal clusters, or my loneliness, to fight the existing.
 Concerning the trial procedure, I do not need a defence let alone representation, this is why I am not bringing any witnesses nor will I have a lawyer. I do not need the ethical shows of lies of the former neither the legal nonsense of the latter. The only legal move I will make is to appeal the sentence (if I get it and its not the minimal) when the trial ends, clearly in the mind frame that at the appellate sentences always go down a bit.
  Also, because its a lie more than anything, the argument that is heard even in anarchist circles that the presence in the trial has great importance because we have the opportunity to be on a public stand of speech, must cease to be heard since for years now we can freely publish whatever texts we like on the internet, accessible to anyone interested. As if there is a point to tell them what we think from the dock while they give a yawning recital from their elevated seat. The worst thing is that these arrogant scum are existentially confirmed through this.
 Of course, since I am not interested in the procedure, there is no way I want other people to be interested and gather outside the courts or something to show solidarity to me. I imagine solidarity as a permanent condition of war against authority which does not fit in the calendars of the movement. I imagine it as a conspiratorial journey with no return, to illegal lands, like a new struggle and simultaneously revenge for the dead and imprisoned comrades. Like a series of violent and loud sudden interventions against the smooth flow of authoritarian time, an energetic and inevitably blackmailing exercise of “pressure” on the judges of freedom, for the good of all captive deniers but above all, for the gain of the whole world of anarchy.

 An addition written because of the recent developments in Koridallos prisons
I have been behind bars for 8 months now and besides the forced stage of “adjustment” in prison, I admit there were also good moments within the general misery of the whole situation. Moments of disobedience and rupture with the prison authorities at different levels and points, individual and more collective. Along with my attempt to manage the surrealism of the situation with the over-compressed reality of a few square metres and the daily nightmarish realization that I cannot just open a fucking door and get out of this brothel, there was also a situation that kind of balanced the whole thing. I had the opportunity to share the moments I described above, next to good comrades, old acquaintances and not, a warm community of people whose difference of perceptions and ideas did not become an obstacle in our common strategy of rupture. Together therefore with most anarchists of the 1st wing (those with which we are together now in the 4th wing), poked, provoked, annoyed and angered the service a lot, the most immediate sample of authority in front of us. Battles with their own special meaning, small for sure, because the absolute battle in the mind of someone incarcerated must be the escape.
 So that morning, on 13/12, a usual human-guard chose to make a direct report to the sergeants office concerning an incident of aggressive reaction he received by some of the comrades, in which, mistakenly in my opinion, he was slapped around. I say mistakenly -by the result- because I believe these slaps could have been withheld and be turned into something heavier at another incident more serious which would have been caused, sooner or later, by one of these bastard guards who raise their hands to hit prisoners. We are talking about this guy, the human-guard Giannis Milonas, who while on service and when everyone is locked up in the wing, takes out his pen and writes the names of his songs that are on youtube in a desperate move of self-confirmation. Only, the results of the search worsen his position. My ears were distressed after this poor musical attempt. Next, the sergeants office immediately informed the prosecutor. The same afternoon, slimy sergeant Vasilis Lambrakis, together with 40 prison and police officers, took all 8 of us from the office, at different times, and “broke” us into different wings of the prison, as its known, with me ending up in the 4th.
 A natural reaction of the prison therefore, with a notable cooperation of leader-like prisoners, who from the moment they saw the danger of blowing up their -otherwise envious worthy- vested privileges (one way for example, search of all or specific cells except ours. Far fetched but also possible only as a strategy from the fucking prison to create internal frictions between prisoners, in the logic of divide and conquer), rushed to communicate with the service on how these disrespectful anarchists will be ousted from the wing. Obviously, the conclusion after this is that the privileges of the 1st wing are inextricably connected with the calmness of the wing. Of course, to tell the truth, all this was more or less expected. In relation now to the oppression from the side of the service, a deterministic approach would absolutely suit the description of the situation. Nothing weird therefore, since as I said we were always clashing clashing clashing while the small actions/experimentations in a passive and weird environment increased with geometrical progression. With mathematical accuracy we found ourselves -beyond the distance part- transferred basically, and in a few days probably loaded with disciplinary penalties. For me up to a 2year disciplinary penalty is ok because it costs me nothing (unless something extreme happens concerning the outcome of the trial). The above is all descriptive, awkward and risky moments, but also a reminder to ourselves of what the fuck we are in this, otherwise, assimilative repetitive daily life, inside the general rotten climate with the race fights, hierarchies, homophobic complexes and the surplus macho-ness of the majority.
 And although I am not surprised by the despicable attitude of many prisoners, because I did not expect much from closed -formal and not- hierarchical groups such as those created in the 1st wing by many who are from countries of the ex USSR, many of the albanians and the bouncers, I do not hide that I was shocked when another organized group, the CCF, began to stand in contrast with our anti-authoritarian attitude. I would like to believe that this expresses only those individuals who I have heard expressing themselves aggressively sometimes in the past, but I cant, judging also from how they move around generally. So the blames is collective. The reason why I am saying this is the recent “comments” (those who need to, know what I mean) they made on the recent developments and the hunger/thirst strike, which many are identical with things they told us in unplanned discussions over the last months. And because these are serious matters, when you say “these scenes you cause are pointless in prison” openly, taking into consideration the authoritative behaviours and the general attitude of the last months with their stressful attempt of transmitting exaggerated scenarios around the consequences of a rupture with the service, either fucking way, you will be exposed. Disgusting. People who left their own piece in the history of war against the existing, with long sentences awaiting those who haven’t already gotten them, people I always supported against the mud of the scared anarchist loud-mouths -and I will continue where is necessary- dropped before my eyes. If they remained in a neutral attitude, that is, to distance themselves and mind their own business, I would remain at a level of surprise like when I first got in and I would not bother like now. But no excuse -no matter how good- is enough to patch up the ridicule of going against, using sick tactics of slander, the only, almost, who create a direct -as graphic as it may be- rupture with the regime of prison.
 The incident with the guard therefore, was the reason for the well-expected end credits of our short passing through the 1st wing of Koridallos prisons to fall. From the 1st wing, I will never forget the intense movement by some prisoners who were always seen in the sergeants office, especially when there was some small fuss in the wing. Unfortunately, this was the only kind of “movement” of prisoners I saw as long as i’ve been in prison, because of course the strikes that took place in the 1st wing, besides one we carried out with the comrades and 2-3 more people without any real participation of other prisoners, I don’t even count, since they were always carried out after an….. arrangement with the sergeant on duty. The only sure thing is that after the oppressive move many things change. How things will go from now on is a question that is left for us to decide. I salute you for now…
  Giannis Naxakis, 4th wing-Koridallos prisons
 P.S. 1 honour to Sebastian Oversluij Seguel who on 11/12/13 was killed during a robbery from the bullets of a bank guard in Sandiago Chile.
 P.S. 2 Strength to hunger striker Spiros Stratoulis



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