Statement by anarchist A.D. Bourzoukos at the start of the trial for the Velvedo case. – Athens


Translated by Actforfree.boubourAs
Statement by anarchist A.D. Bourzoukos at the start of the trial for the Velvedo case.
The reason I am here -across from you- is not to elicit your compassion, ask for forgiveness or demand a fair trial. Words and meanings such as fair and unfair, have been degenerated and demeaned completely by the system you serve. I don accept any guard of bourgeois legality, no slave of authority to judge me and condemn me. I am here today, in this theater of symbolisms, to remind you that there will always be decisive people, people of the struggle who are not subjugated to your apparent omnipotence. I am here, as an anarchist, and an enemy of yours, in order to reverse the terms of battle, to come out from the defense position you want me to be and go onto the attack. In order to underline the separating line between two worlds. The one of exploitation, oppression and authority you represent and the one of struggle, solidarity, revolution, a piece of which I am.
 Another battle in the eternal war of the revolutionaries against dominance. And as in every battle , we are not alone, we have next to us, mentally and physically, comrades, fighters, people who compose the world of struggle. I am here for me, for all comrades who have been in my position before me but also for those who will be in the future. Adding a moment of struggle to the collective memory.
 Maybe, therefore, for now I am here and you will arrange how many years you will load me with, years that for you is nothing more than another number which comes to be added to the thousands you give away so easily  -you see, the “ethical” weight is more light this way and offers you quiet sleep at night-. Maybe, therefore, for now the roles are shared out like this, but for sure the moment will come -if not for you, for those who will continue your dirty work- when we will fill your dreams with nightmares. When the voice of thousands of insurgents will echo, disrupting your apparent calmness. And then the roles will not mean anything, your authority and power will be wrinkled and your choices will weigh you down. Maybe this day will be late, most likely I will not even live to see it. Despite that, as long as air goes through my lungs and blood through my veins, I will not stop to fight for that. For the revolution, for freedom.

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