Mexico City DF: Three compas held for attack with stones and Molotovs


from contra-info translated by Actforfree/sysiphus

The informal antiprison Collective ¡presxs a la calle! [prisoners out in the streets!], have reported that on Sunday, January 5, at around 10 pm, two nuclei of individuals dressed in black attacked the facilities of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT ) and a NISSAN dealership with stones and Molotov cocktails, causing damage to buildings and several cars.
They have reported that during the act against the SCT, federal police guarding the building first fired intimidatory shots in the air, then repeatedly fired shots directly at the compas, without anyone getting hurt .
Following this the PGJ -DF [Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estado de Mexico] reported that three people have been detained, they are: Fallon Poisson (of Canadian origin), Amelie Pillierst (of Canadian origin) and Carlos Lopez Martin (of Mexican origin).
The three are anarchist comrades participating in various projects and affinity initiatives. After having spent almost two days in an PGJ (local police) station, accused of criminal damage, the morning of January 7 they were transferred to the PGR (federal) facilities where the charges were changed to conspiracy , terrorism, damage and sabotage, and their detention was extended by the PGR for another 48 hours.
We have been allowed to pass food to the comrades and for the moment they are in good condition despite threats and deceptive interrogation. A lawyer is in communication with them and has already explained to them what is happening.
For updates about the 3 compas, check out the solidarity blog : fuego a las carceles For communication: or at the email Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico City.

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