Switzerland – Anarchist comrade Marco Camenish on hunger strike


From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd


I receive and transmit the following communiqué, and send a very strong hug to Marco:
 Marco Camenish has been on hunger strike since 30/12/2013, when he was locked in the ‘bunker’ of the prison of Lenzburg. At the present moment (7/1/2014) we don’t know if he went back to his cell. All his visits have been cancelled as he’s being detained in the ‘bunker’.
The translation from German of his communiqué is not his own, considering the urgency to spread it. As soon as we get his translation we will publish it.
This is his address:
 Marco Camenisch
PF 75 – 5600 Lenzburg
Here is Marco’s communiqué:
 From 30/12/2013 and at least up to 24/01/2014 I am on hunger strike
–        as a contribution to the struggle against repression;
–        as a contribution to the struggle of all revolutionaries tendencies;
–        in this particular case against the harassment and provocation of the nazi direction of the concentration camp of Lenzburg, which ‘arrested’ me on 30/12/2013 and at least up to 4/1/2014, and seized my computer for some months as I refused to have an urine test;
–        as a contribution to the struggle against the class war waged from above (WEF Davos 21/01-24/01/2014) and to the struggle for total liberation.
Updates will follow.
 Marco Camenisch, Lenzburg concentration camp, Switzerland, 01/01/2014

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