Turin, Italy – Raid on Italferr premises in solidarity with NO TAV prisoners: Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò free now!


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Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd


We receive and transmit:
In conjunction with the hearing at the Court of Review for Claudio, Mattia, Niccolò and Chiara, arrested on December 9, some NO TAV people decided to salute the 4 comrades, but not with a demo outside the court. Instead they occupied the premises of Italferr on Corso Principe Eugenio 3/C in Turin in order to show their solidarity. As they entered the premises, the people in solidarity disrupted a meeting in progress, unfurled a banner at the windows of the rooms on the first floor, and distributed and read aloud a leaflet with a megaphone. After ten minutes the NO TAV people went out on the cry of ‘Hands off the Val Susa’ and dispersed in the nearby market of Porta Palazzo.
Here is the text of the leaflet distributed during the initiative:
We don’t like the TAV, we don’t like collaborators either.

Here we are once again… The NO TAV people don’t need presentations. We are a tough nut to crack for the government and the police, a scare to be brandished on the press and TV every time it suits them. Our determination to struggle to defend the land we live in made us known everywhere. We didn’t surrender to blackmails or threats, we resisted occupation troops, truncheons and teargas… not even with prison did they frighten us. But now they’ve overstepped the line as they locked up 4 comrades of ours with the very serious charge of terrorism. The matter of fact is an act of sabotage, a night attack on the construction yard of the railway high speed in Chiomonte where some equipment was set on fire. We want to point out that this practice, no matter its perpetrators, belongs to us, totally. To destroy the instruments of devastation in order to oppose a military occupation is the bare minimum and we hope it will replicate as much as possible.
On the contrary terrorism is that of those who cling to profit with any means, those who make recourse to all sorts of violence in order to continue to devastate a valley and accelerate the circulation of goods, values and money. Terrorists are those who tell carefully pre-packaged lies in order to serve the interests of their bosses by defaming and pillorying those who struggle. Terrorists are those who collaborate with the construction of the TAV, those who sign contracts, those who contribute to the planning of technical aspects together with the institutions.
Terrorists are those who sign licenses, guarantee for environmental impact and much more… Terrorists are Italferr, the engineering company of Ferrovie dello Stato [State Railways], which play all these roles and are responsible for all sites of the high speed railways in Italy, including the Turin-Lyon line and the third pass. Behind the TAV and all the violence that supports it there are also the gentlemen who occupy this office… for this reason we came to visit them and remind them that they are dirty collaborators. Italferr and all the responsible for TAV are our enemies. They won’t have an easy life.
Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò free now!
Terrorists are those who build the TAV… Terrorists are those who are in command!

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