Italy – Denied visits to anarchist prisoners Chiara, Niccolò, Claudio and Mattia


Translated by act for freedom now


We receive and transmit:
This morning [21/01/2014] a comrade and a relative of Chiara went to visit her at the Vallette prison, as visits had been regularly done for over a month. The visitors, however, were denied the possibility to see Chiara.
The guards explained: ‘There is a new order from the court that suspends visits’. Later we learnt that the order also concerns Niccolò, Claudio and Mattia, but we don’t know the reason of this or how long the suspension will last.
The responsible for this order are once again prosecutors Padalino and Rinaudo. At the moment, therefore, the comrades can’t see other prisoners or receive visits from the outside. While Niccolò, Claudio and Mattia can still see one another [but no other prisoners], Chiara is in total solitary confinement.


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