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April 12th, Dijon: arson of three vans of the Red Cross

In Dijon on April 12th, three vans of the Red Cross caught fire and a wall has been decorated with “ manages and makes profit of ghettos for poor“.

Because localy and internationaly the Red Cross carries out the same rotten role, concerning the management of the poor populations. Humanitarian help, this „big market“ of specialists who construct their prestige and money with it, have beeter to keep their space, preventing if it’s needed the concerned people from helping directly each other.

Their tools of (re)pression couldn‘t stop the revoltees ( ‚antiterrorist‘ investigation about the solidarity actions for the prisoners of the prisons for migrants, in Paris, Turin, or any prison…). Indeed, one of the italian rentention center (CIE), managed by the Red Cross has mainly burnt on March 29th. In the CIE of Milan, other prisoners started a hunger/smoke strike to show their solidarity.

No social misery nor co-managers! Let’s feed ourselves with what they deign to drop, and muffle them with their crumbs.
Solidarity with all the revoltees,imprisonned, free and/or hounded by the cops.
Nice escape to the escapees!

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