‘In depth solidarity’ – Writings from the prison and pamphlet – Chile


‘In depth solidarity’ – Writings from the prison and pamphlet
From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom
The comrades who organized the initiative ‘Solidaridad a Flor de Piel’ [In depth solidarity] sent an e-mail to thank those who took part in the initiative, more letters from comrades from Chilean prisons and the pamphlet distributed during the initiative:
  Solidarietà Flor de Piel 2014.
Thanks to all the comrades who participated in and actively contributed to the realization of this initiative, with determination and creative spirit. Thanks to the tattooists, the bands, the comrades of the Freak Show, those who organized the kitchen and the lottery and all the comrades who were there. This was the third edition of an initiative that tries to give concrete form to solidarity with our prisoners of the social war.
The following is the pamphlet distributed on the occasion, with the words sent from inside the prisons by those who actively oppose dominion.
 We hope we’ll see them at the next edition of ‘Solidariedad a Flor de Piel’…
Solidarity is unstoppable!
 ⃰ Download here the pamphlet Solidarietà Flor de Piel 2014

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