>23/4/ For the


>“conspiracy cells of fire” with the only evidence her fingerprints in the Halandri house in Athens. On 23 September 2009 an apartment in the neighbourhood of Halandri is raided by the police, and almost directly afterwards Haris Hatzimikelakis, Panayiotis Massouras, Manos G. and Myrto P. are arrested on the charge of being members of the organization “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire”. The apartment is named by the security police “terrorist haunt”, thus incriminating anyone that had been inside. The first three of the aforementioned are held in pretrial detention, while a series of other arrests and warrants are issued based on ridiculous and baseless charges. This story about the apartment in Halandri is like a test-tube; what is being attempted is to incriminate bonds of friendship/ comradeship, to hold radical persons hostages and to act as a constant threat for potential arrests, prosecutions and incarcerations. And today the decision for Kostantina from the state is to keep her inside…. another comrade in the hands of the enemy…..

Freedom to the imprisoned in relation to the case of Halandri
Immediate dropping of charges. Fire to the prisons!

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