Greece: Arrests and raids in comrades’ houses (Thessaloniki)



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An early update by Anarchist Squat Nadir
For the last three days, in Thessaloniki, the cops raided several comrades’ houses and arrested some of them. All the comrades are either members of Anarchist Squat Nadir’s assembly or people supporting the squat’s activities. This entire mobilization is associated with the alleged search for Christodoulos Ksiros. The comrades were captured in the universities, where they study, in their workplaces, in their homes or on the street. One of them was arrested within the courthouse’s premises. Up until now, 10 comrades have been arrested or have had their houses raided by the cops. Their communication with their lawyers has also been hampered. The assembly of the squat will publish a more detailed text, in the coming days.
P.S. Some of the comrades will tomorrow undergo the interrogation procedure in Thessaloniki’s courthouse.
No comrade should be left in the state’s hands
Fury and Conscience
Thursday, 23 January 2014
Anarchist Squat Nadir

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