Balneário Camboriú, Brazil – Electricity company attacked


From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now

Text of the claim:
For a Black International
At around 2am on January 20, with the complicity of the night, lonely wolves visited the Substation of electricity company CELESC on the eastern side of Balneário Camboriú, southern Brazil. The action was carried out in response to the call of the Black International and marked the beginning of this year’s activity. We didn’t have problems during our journey because the pigs were eating something unusual during the unexpected police raid involving special units, the Municipal Guard and the Policìa Militar, a very busy day for them. We had two explosive devices full of splinters, one of them exploded in the air before reaching its target without causing injuries. However the other device was more successful as it hit two transformers in the electricity substation, but it didn’t cause much damage. The hand-made devices were thrown from the entrance, as you can see from the picture.
Till the total destruction of the existent, Capital and the State!
Freedom for the fighters captured by the State, nothing will go unpunished!
Now we are waiting for their repressive retaliation. Dear militaries, you should know that nothing and no one is untouchable. The city of Balneario Cambioriú is under constant police control and social cleansing, as happens in the rest of the country.
Let the smell of gunpowder trace the path and reach all the anarchist comrades of Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Greece, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Peru, United States, Australia, Turkey, Germany and the entire world.


Movimiento de Desobediecia Civile (MDC) –

Informal Anarchist Federation Cell (FAI)

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