A clarification on the letter I published on 3/1/2014 Giannis Naxakis


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A clarification on the letter I published on 3/1/2014
Describing in my letter the image I formed for the 1st wing of Koridallos I mention a “intense movement” of some prisoners in the sergeants office. First of all I wan to clarify that I did not mean that some of these prisoners are a snitch. What I said I said to stress my annoyance with the continuous coordination between some prisoners and the service.
It is important as well to say that its mandatory for all prisoners, among them me too, to go through the sergeants office for various reasons of daily life. As well, my intense disappointment as imprinted in my letter after the incident with Milonas was a result of the zero support we got from many groups of prisoners in the conflict which followed with the service, a support I consider necessary for the prisoners when such ruptures erupt. I clarify that my reference to specific racial groups exclusively concerns some in the 1st wing and it is unthinkable for someone to believe that I collectively accuse nationalities for the choices of the few.
P.S. A text will follow in the near future concerning the recent incidents.
Giannis Naxakis
4th wing of Koridallos

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