A poster in solidarity with 7 anarchists in trial in Athens on February 3 – Athens -Greece


From:the greekstreets
judgeFebruary 3. Yet another date, the same court-room; the only thing changing being the faces of the judges who swap around and throw years of incarnation. Seven anarchists with different starting points, in a common struggle. Seven boxes full of charges: weapon carrying, terrorist organisation, robberies, arsons… And the double propeller of authority, the DNA.
On the one hand, the validity of science and on the other, the charges handed out by the cops inside cell structures, ready to turn into indisputable proofs of guilt. Science, in other words, open-handedly offers its tools to its boss – and authority, in turn, uses them freely.
And some armed negations… Conscious decisions against mass society of the repeated everyday, of accumulated repression, of imposition and of “objective reality”. Anarchist struggle through a mosaic of ideas, of revolutionary discourse, conceptualisations, but also through a mosaic of different and multiform actions that give meaning to the clash with authority. The arrows in our quivers are endless; there is no limit for as long as we gaze upward, united – nothing except for the earth beneath our feet. We must keep on daring, combining all means. to be in constant movement, destroying any rotten statues of ideology, ready to become the solution to the rigidities of the past.
“Action”, shouts the present condition we live through, at every moment.
“Destruction”, let us shout in return, and organise the unmapped plan in order to face up to its ruins.
Solidarity to the anarchists G. Naxakis, N. Romanos, G. Michailidis, D. Politis, A. Dalios, F. Harisis, G. Sarafoudis
Anarchist assembly for the linkage of the struggles in the prison-society

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