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“During my imprisonment I discovered that today you must be dirty, unethical, sleazy, rotten and a traitor, because these are the only people that I saw being hugged, protected and caressed by this society. Those others who refused to accept these rotten values as a way of life suffered or suffer right now all the modern torturing. I personally do not like these values and this society, which recognizes these values as a reality, I despise them and spit at them. They have destroyed me anyway, physically, psychologically, spiritually and socially, but this little I have left inside me I have saved it deep and as long as I breathe I will never stop using whatever strength I have left to externalize it in any way and will never stop fighting for my freedom”

On 11/11/13 fighter Spiros Stratoulis begins a hunger strike demanding in this way his acquittal from the fabricated charges concerning his integration into an alleged criminal organization (thessaloniki squats) and the renewal of his leave days from prison, which were cut because of this persecution. In his struggle Rami Syrianos, Mihalis Ramadanoglou and Eryon Mustafa stood in factual solidarity with him, going on hunger strike themselves, which they stopped after a demand of Spiros himself.

Spiros is imprisoned for 22 years now in the “correctional facilities” of the greek territory. He was politicized inside prison and fought for years against the correctional code, against the reality of prison, against snitching, the individualization and subjugation which orders you to bow the head and to let time pass. For this behaviour of his, he is in the target of oppression.

Speaking of the groundless charges attributed to him and this new persecution we would like to clarify that here we are not speaking with terms of civil legality and in no way do we want to raise this parameter in order to awaken humanistic emotions.

There are no illusions, dominance is trying in any way to impose its omnipotence. Those people who stand their ground against it and fight will suffer the consequences of revenge of authority. The persecutions imprisonments, humiliations and torturing inside and outside prison are concepts which come to life on a more and more often.

The stakes are now clear. We are the ones who are called to raise a mound for the onslaught of dominance on our lives, to construct a collective identity and go onto the counter-attack. Defend our ethical values and choices. To support the imprisoned fighters with whatever is considered necessary each time…

Sp.St. case is not his personal case. It is a call, a cry for freedom, a battles which concerns us all. The connection of the struggles inside and outside the walls is a bet which must be won for the intensification and continuation of the struggle.

As a token of solidarity to the struggle of Sp.St., in the early hours of the Saturday and Sunday that passed (4th and 5th of January), we delivered to flames the following:

1 atm of the savings bank in Nea Smirni area

2 atms of the national bank of greece in Nea Filadelphia

1 atm of the agrotiki bank and 1 of eurobank in Pireus

as well as a luxury bmw jeep in the centre of Thessaloniki

“Always in life comes the moment which makes each person take the big decision. To pull from inside them the shackles and break them or to follow, shackled, the eternal path which others pointed out.

” Solidarity to those who fight for dignity and freedom

P.S. 1 – Good Luck to comrade Ch.Xiros and concerning the recent statements of Dendias, Athanasiou, Kedikoglou and Papoulias, and the anti-terrorist hysteria promoted these last days by the media, what goes around comes around…

P.S. 2 – As for the recent incidents in Koridallos prisons and the cannibalistic behaviours there “o tempora, o mores…” (oh the times, oh the customs…)

Comrade Naxakis get well soon

Everything Continues>

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