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On January 30 we made a road block between Av Las Industrias and Av. Santa Rosa in the city of San Joaquin. The reason for our action and propaganda are all the social fighters locked up in the prisons of capital. Our action was fast and effective: with 10 tyres and 5 litres of petrol we lit up the barricade, launched our propaganda and then left the place.
As Mrs Luisa Toledo said, the worst thing we can do is to be indifferent, so with our propaganda we send our greetings and respect to Tamara, her niece, who attacked  a champion of capital. We think her action implied some mistakes in the planning, but we are not criticizing the actions of a comrade who returned to sender the bullets that killed anarchist expropriator Sebastian Oversluij.
In this war in which we are the insurgents, our lives are shaken by blows of different nature, surveillance, arrests, torture, imprisoned comrades, murdered comrades. But this is the path we’ve chosen and of which we are proud, and we’d rather prefer to continue our project of subversion than be conformists, misfits or traitors!
For: Tamara Farias Toledo, Hans Niemeyer, Marcelo Villaroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Juan Alist
e Vega, Carlos Gutierrez, Victor Montoya, Francisco Solar, Monica Caballero, Fernando Millacheo, Cristian Levinao, Luis Marileo, Leonardo Quijón, Gabriel Valenzuela, Machi Celestino Cordova, Da Silva Gabriel Pompo, all Mapuche political prisoners and all anarchists all over the word!
The 81 prisoners burnt alive in the prison of San Miguel are forever in our memory! Social war!
Agitadores Insurrectos

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