Italy – Update from the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara


Translated by act for freedom now
We receive and transmit:
January 28 2014 – At the High Surveillance Unit (AS2) of the prison of Ferrara, incoming and outgoing letters and anarchist papers are still being subjected to censorship and arbitrary seizure: letters and updates printed from the sites and blogs of the movement are being delivered with weeks of delay, anarchist papers in English language have been kept by the jailers for two months, letters to comrades in prison abroad are not being forwarded.
In the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara there are only three anarchists [Adriano Antonacci ,Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai] and they have no chance to make contact with other prisoners.
This situation prevents the imprisoned comrades from actively participating in the discussions outside, as news come inside rarely and with considerable delay. Alfredo, in particular, is asking to make the situation known: last week the prison administration informed him that his letter/interview addressed to the comrades of the CCF imprisoned in Greece, a letter written two months ago, has not left the prison yet. Alfredo also renews his solidarity and closeness with those who continue to struggle in Italy and abroad, with the imprisoned comrades and in particular with comrade Tamara Sol Vergara, kidnapped by the Chilean state for attacking a guard of the Banco de Estado, an action she carried out in solidarity with Sebastian Oversluij, an anarchist killed during an act of expropriation.
Address of the anarchist comrades locked up in the AS2 unit of Ferrara:
Alfredo Cospito
Nicola Gai
Adriano Antonacci
Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara

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